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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Family Members

Theodore Dreiser Papers
XVI. Family Members

Paul Dresser Materials [see also, Appendix F]

BoxFolders Contents
40613827Biographical information on Paul Dresser, written by TD (ms and clippings)
40613828-13834TD correspondence pertaining to Paul Dresser music
40713835-13845TD correspondence pertaining to "My Gal Sal"
40813846-13871Paul Dresser sheet music: original board; "After the Battle" - "Her Tears Drifted Out with the Tide"
40913872-13898Paul Dresser sheet music: "I Long to Hear from Home" - "The Old Flame Flickers and I Wonder Why"
41013899-13927Paul Dresser sheet music: "On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away" - "You're Just a Little Nigger . . ."; miscellaneous sheet music; lyric sheets
41113928-13997Paul Dresser scrapbook
41213998-14002Paul Dresser memorabilia and clippings
41314003-14006Paul Dresser material: Paul Gormley's collected memorabilia; plays: "After Many Years" (4-act play; 2 copies); "Timothy and Clover" (4-act play)

Helen Dreiser Diaries and Other Writings

BoxFolders Contents
41414007Helen Dreiser's daybooks, 1938-1941, 1943-1944
41514008Helen Dreiser's daybooks, 1945-1947
41614009Helen Dreiser's daybooks, 1948-1951
41714010Genealogical chart of Patges lineage (typescript)
41714011Miscellaneous notes and clippings
41714012"Journey Eternelle" (printed version)
41714013-14022My Life with Dreiser, typescript, chaps. I-LI, Epilogue
41714023-14024My Life with Dreiser, revised typescript, fragments from chaps. 2-28
41714025-14027My Life with Dreiser, miscellaneous notes and corrections
41714028My Life with Dreiser, promotional material
41714029-14030Helen Richardson [Dreiser] and Lucile Nelson, "The Blessed Damozel," synopsis for a movie, 1942 (typescript and notes; 2 copies)
41714031"A Few Notes on The Dream Manuscript Which Was Inspired by Charles Fort's First Full Length Manuscript `X'" (1st typescript and 3 copies of revised typescript)
41714032"Sal o' My Heart," movie script, 1943 (typescript)
41714033"Sal o' My Heart," movie script, 1943, with songs by Clare Kummer (typescript)

XVI. Vera Dreiser Correspondence

BoxFolders Contents
41814034-14104Correspondents A - P
41914105-14135Correspondents R - Z; miscellaneous notes; memorabilia