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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Memorabilia: Scrapbooks

Theodore Dreiser Papers
XVII. Memorabilia: Scrapbooks

BoxFolders Contents
42014136Sister Carrie: scrapbook of reviews, 1901-1911
42014137Sister Carrie: folder of loose reviews found in scrapbook but not pasted in, 1907-1912; first page of scrapbook of letters (ca. 1900-1921) to TD re Sister Carrie mostly [letters now filed in correspondence]
42114138Miscellaneous clippings re TD at The Delineator
42114139A Traveler at Forty: clippings of reviews, 1913-1916
42214140Scrapbook kept by Kirah Markham of writings, some by or about TD, ca. 1914-1916
42214140Loose items found in scrapbook
42314141Book dummies of The "Genius" (1915), Twelve Men (1919), Newspaper Days (A Book about Myself) (1922), and The Color of a Great City (1923), each containing pasted-in reviews of the respective books
42414142Scrapbook kept by Helen Dreiser, 1926-1938, of clippings re TD and current events, Christmas cards, and souvenirs
42514143All Russian Ballet, Inc.: scrapbook empty except for letter to Arthur Carter Hume (7 Nov. 1934), copy of woodcut of TD, and few items relating its incorporation
42614144Scrapbook kept by Helen Dreiser, 1938-1942, of clippings re TD and current events, reviews of My Gal Sal, souvenirs, and programs
42714145Scrapbook kept by Hazel Godwin re TD's trip to Toronto, Canada, October 1942
42814146Scrapbook kept by Helen Dreiser, 1941-1944, of clippings re TD and current events, music from and reviews of My Gal Sal, Christmas and other holiday cards, programs, a nd souvenirs
42814147Scrapbook kept by Helen Dreiser, 1944-1948, of clippings re TD and current events, programs, holiday cards, souvenirs, copies of her speeches about TD, a few clippings re TD's death
42914148"The Passing of Theodore Dreiser": scrapbook kept by Helen Dreiser, containing letters, telegrams, and cards from friends; clippings; and other memorabilia re the d eath of TD
43014149Scrapbook kept by Helen Dreiser, 1948-1950, of clippings re TD and his writings; some reviews of The Bulwark and The Stoic and of books written about TD
43114150Scrapbook kept by Lorna Smith, 1963-1966, with clippings and souvenirs re TD and Helen Dreiser