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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Memorabilia: Art Work

Theodore Dreiser Papers
XVII. Memorabilia: Art Work

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45014203Adams, Wayman: reproductions of second painting of TD, 1927
45014204Amick Robert: sketches of TD
45014205Booth, Franklin: drawing of design for TD's bookplate, 17 Aug. 1909
45014206Davis, Hubert: "The Essence of Irony" (drawing) and "The Griffith Family in Kansas City" (lithograph)
45014207Dürer, Albrecht: "The Arraignment of Jesus before Pilot" and "The Resurrection" (prints)
45114208Esherick, Wharton: (1) "Map showing good old Barnegat Bay and the happy ports for great sloop `Kitnkat'" (annotated by Esherick re TD's visit 13 June 1925); (2) &qu ot;Free" (1925); (3) "The Lee Rail" (1925); (4) "Of a Great City" (1925) (multiple copies, including ones inscribed to TD, Louise Campbell, and Burton Rascoe and metal plate used in printing); (5) "Chick's Ship" (1929); (6) illustration for Tristram and Iseult (1930); (7) August (1933); (8) "The Bid" (1933) (lithographs); (9) "As I Watched the Ploughman Ploughing" by Walt Whitman (1928) (woodcuts by Esherick)
45214209King, Alexander: caricature of TD and Sherwood Anderson, ca. 1925, inscribed "Theodore Dreiser and Sherwood Anderson peeping at Misery"
45314210Kelly [James E.] and John W. Evans: drawings of Thomas Edison and Oscar Wilde by Kelly, from engravings made by Evans; letter from Evans to TD re Wilde drawing
45314211Kolski, Gan: (1) "Sunrise at Provincetown" (1928); (2) "Steam under Bridge" (1929); (3) "After the Storm" (n.d.) (lithographs)
45314212[Kubitz, Estelle(?)]: cartoon drawing of TD and Estelle Kubitz
45314213Lubbers, Adrian: (1) "Brooklyn Bridge" (1929); (2) "South Ferry" (1929); (3) "Times Square from Times Building" (1929) (drawings)
45314214Miller, D.(?): Marguerite Tjader Harris (engraving?)
45314215Reich, A.: (1) "Amberg, Martinskirche u. Schiffersteg" (1912); (2) "Auf der Landstrasse" (n.d.); (3) "Aus dem Oberpfälzer Jura" (1912); (4) " Aus Neustadt a./Waldnaab" (1912); (5) "Die Ruine" (1912); (6) "Schloss Prunn im Altmühltal" (1912) (prints)
45314216Rivera, Diego: details of murals, 1927 (photographs by Tina Modotti)
45314217Rivera, Diego: mural and detail from mural, 1933 (photos)
45314218Siporin: illustration for "Kismet" (drawing)
45314219Stengel, Hans: caricature of TD with women, 1923 (drawing)
45314220Duddy, Lynn: Vera Dreiser (drawing)
45314221[?], Elaine: Vera Dreiser (drawing)
45314222Drawing of a house by ? (Spring 1916)