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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Memorabilia

Theodore Dreiser Papers
XVII. Memorabilia

Promotional Material

BoxFolders Contents
45414223Promotional material for TD's books by B. W. Dodge & Co., Boni & Liveright (later Horace Liveright), and Cin (Czechoslovakian publisher)
45414224Promotional material for TD's books by Constable & Co.
45414225Promotional material for TD's books by Doubleday & Co., Ediciones Hoy (Spanish publisher), Golden Book News, G. P. Putnam's, Heron Press
45414226Promotional material for TD's books by John Lane Co.
45414227Promotional material for TD's books by Limited Editions Club, Longman's Modern Age, Népszava Könyvkereskedés (Hungarian publisher)
45414228Promotional material for TD's books by Paul Zsolnay Verlag (German publisher), Samuel French, World Publishing Co.
45414229Promotional material for books of interest to or about TD, 1911-1949
45414230Promotional material for various products and causes of interest to TD
45414231Promotional material: programs, 1911-1919
45414232Promotional material: programs, 1920-1935
45414233Promotional material: programs, 1936-1947 and undated


BoxFolders Contents
45514234Postcards from "Hoosier Holiday" trip, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Georgia, Florida (some with notations by TD or Helen Dreiser)
45614235Postcards from California, Oregon, Washington, Yellowstone National Park, Montana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, New York, miscellaneous United States, France, England (some with notations by TD or Helen Dreiser)
45714236Postcards from Austria, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Scandinavia, Germany, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Russia, Switzerland (some with notations by TD or Helen Dreiser)
45814237Postcards from Belgium, Cuba, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey (some with notations by TD or Helen Dreiser)


BoxFolders Contents
45914238TD memorabilia: TD's passport, 24 May 1926
45914239TD memorabilia: souvenirs from trip to Russia, 1927-1928
45914240TD memorabilia: framed photograph of Charles Fort
45914241TD memorabilia: 1937 desk diary sent to TD by John H. Mackey [no entries made by TD]
45914242TD memorabilia: miscellaneous papers
45914243TD memorabilia: miscellaneous cards, including TD-Kirah Markham "at home" card
45914244TD memorabilia: TD signatures (collected by Helen Dreiser)
45914245Helen Dreiser memorabilia: newspaper account of double wedding of Hazel Patges [Helen's sister] to David Pettie and of Helen Patges to Francis Richardson (1916?); memorial booklet f rom funeral of Hazel Pettie, 1917
45914246Helen Dreiser memorabilia: proposal to paint Ida Patges's [Helen's mother's] house
45914247Helen Dreiser memorabilia: promotional literature &[quot;Theodore Dreiser: America's Foremost Novelist"] given to Helen by TD on the day they met, Sept. 1919
45914248Helen Dreiser memorabilia: Helen Richardson's passport, 2 June 1926
45914249Helen Dreiser memorabilia: bird feather from "Hopsie," a one-legged bird
45914250Helen Dreiser memorabilia: roses from the scarf covering TD's casket, 3 Jan. 1946; roses sent to Helen on another occasion
45914251Helen Dreiser memorabilia: Helen's Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) lifetime membership certificate and card
45914252Helen Dreiser memorabilia: program and 3 tickets for première of A Place in the Sun, 14 Aug. 1951
45914253Helen Dreiser memorabilia: cards re flowers sent to memorial service for Helen Dreiser, September 1955
46014254Interview with TD, 13 Feb. 1939 (LP recording)