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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Clippings

Theodore Dreiser Papers
XIX. Clippings

BoxFolders Contents
46614340-14347Clippings about TD, 1900-1959
46714348-14350Clippings about TD, 1960-1984
46814351Clippings: reviews of Sister Carrie, Jennie Gerhardt, The Financier, A Traveler at Forty, The Titan, The "Genius," The Hand of the Potter
46814352Clippings: reviews of The Color of a Great City, Newspaper Days (A Book about Myself), An American Tragedy, Moods
46814353Clippings: reviews of A Gallery of Women, Tragic America, Dawn, America Is Worth Saving, Best Short Stories of Theodore Dreiser
46814354Clippings: reviews of The Bulwark
46814355Clippings: reviews of Theodore Dreiser: Apostle of Nature, by Robert H. Elias, and The Letters of Theodore Dreiser, edited by Robert H. Elias
46814356Clippings: reviews of Theodore Dreiser, by F. O. Matthiessen, and My Life with Dreiser, by Helen Dreiser
46814357Clippings: reviews of Dreiser, by W. A. Swanberg, and Letters to Louise, by Louise Campbell
46814358Reviews of The Tobacco Men by Borden Deal (1965), which was based on TD's notes for his screenplay "Revolt or Tobacco"
46914359Reviews or articles on The Prince Who Was a Thief (1951)
46914360Reviews or articles on Carrie (1952)
46914361-14370Reviews or articles on A Place in the Sun (1951)