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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Works by Others

Theodore Dreiser Papers
XX. Works by Others

Note: for an itemized list of authors and titles, see Appendix G.

BoxFolders Contents
47014371-14405A - B
47114406-14444C - D
47214445-14475E - Go
47314476-14495Gr - Har
47414496[Harvey] Dudley, Dorothy: galleys and book jacket for Forgotten Frontiers: Dreiser and the Land of the Free (1932)
47514497-14511Haz - Hu
47614512-14545I - McD
47714546-14574Mar - Mo
47814575-14591N - P
47914592Powys, John Cowper: bound page proofs for Wolf Solent (1929)
48014593-14627R - S
48114628-14666T - Z and untitled
48214667Cassette tape of lecture on TD by Fred C. Harrison, and letter re lecture from Harrison to Myrtle Butcher, 19 Nov. 1974
48214668Videotape of "Murder on Big Moose?" and note from Trina Carman, 28 Sept. 1988