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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Oversize

Theodore Dreiser Papers
XXI. Oversize

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48314669[Russian magazine on the building of the Moscow metro, 1935]
48314670USSR in Construction, nos. 9-12, 1937
48314671L'Illustration, 4 Dec. 1937
48314672"The Tithe of the Lord" [short story]: printed version in Esquire, July 1938
48314673"The Story of Harry Bridges" [interview]: printed version in Friday, 4 Oct. 1940
48414674Brandt & Brandt corres., Dec. 1930?
48414675Butcher, Myrtle Patges corres.: Christmas card from TD, Helen Richardson, and Ida Patges, 1931
48414676Gredler correspondence: Christmas card to TD, n.d.
48414677Heinl, Robert D. correspondence, 1934: galleys for "Bill," by Paul Dresser
48414678Masters, Edgar Lee correspondence: galleys for "Masters--on the Mason County Hills: Butterfly Hid in the Room"
48414679Paul Zsolnay correspondence: foreign accounts, Dec. 1930
48414680Map of automobile routes used by TD on "Hoosier Holiday" trip to Indiana, 1915
48414681Issues of Ottobre containing excerpts from Tragic America [in Italian]: vol. 1, no. 17, 1933; vol. 2, no. 2, 1933
48414682"Concerning Dives and Lazarus": broadside (3 copies), 1940
48414683"Editor and Publisher": broadside, 1940
48414684"Humanitarianism in the Scottsboro Case": printed version in Contempo, 1931
48414685"The Pushcart Man": printed version in New York Call Magazine, 30 March 1919
48414686"The Standard Oil Works at Bayonne": printed version in New York Call Magazine, 16 March 1919
48414687"Toilers of the Tenements": printed version in New York Call Magazine, 24 Aug. 1919
48414688"Women Can Take It": reprint of "Women Are the Realists" in New York Journal-American, Saturday Home Magazine, 13, 20, and 27 April 1946
48414689"Butcher Rogaum's Door" [short story]: printed version in Reedy's Mirror, 12 Dec. 1901
48414690"Solution" [short story]: printed version in Women's Home Companion, Nov. 1933
48414691Map of TD's property, Mt. Kisco, N.Y.
48414692Souvenir map of Big Moose Lake, N.Y.
48414693Randolph Bourne Award, presented to TD by American Writers Congress, 6 June 1941
48414694Sales statistics on TD's books, 3/1/34
48414695Lyon, Harris Merton: "The Chorus Girl," typescript