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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Appendix A: Location List of Essays by Theodore Dreiser

Theodore Dreiser Papers
Appendix A: Location List of Essays by Theodore Dreiser

Title (Folders)

"An Address to Caliban" (11902-11905)
"Ah! Robert Taylor" (11906)
"All Life Is Sacred. Oh Yes" (11907)
"America" (11908-11909)
"America: A Chain of Phylacteries" (11910)
"America and the Artist" (11911)
"America--and War" (11912)
"American Democracy Against Fascism" (11913)
"American Restlessness" (11914)
"American Tragedies" (11915)
"American Tragedies" [book review] (11916)
"America's Foremost Author Protests Against Suppression of Great Books and Art by Self-Constituted Moral Censors" (11917)
"America's Only Genius--Boosting" (11918)
"And the Greatest of These" (11919)
"Appearance and Reality" (11920)
"Arbeitslose in New York" (11921)
"Are the Masses Worth Saving" (11922)
"Armenia Today" (11923)
"The Artistic Temperament" (11923)
"As If in Old Toledo" (11924)
"Ashtoreth" (see Box 177, folders 8240-8241)

"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Johnny" (11925-11927)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Otie" (11928-11929)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Bill Brown" [by Hazel Godwin] (11930-11931)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Ethelda" (11932-11933)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Clarence" (11934-11935)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Harrison Barr" (11936-11937)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Arthur Baker" [not used] (11938)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Artie and Jean" [not used] (11939)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Christine Marsten" [not used] (11940)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "George" [not used] (11941)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Jimmy and the Pituitary Gland" [by Marcia Lee Masters?; not used] (11942)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Louisa" [not used] (11943)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "The Meanest Man" [by Marcia Lee Masters; not used] (11944)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Orville Signs the Checks" [not used] (11945-11946)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Our Way of Life" [not used] (11947)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "This Is Ida" [not used] (11948)
"Baa! Baa! Black Sheep" series: "Uncle Jeffry" [not used] (11949)
"The Balance for Right" (11950)
"The Beauty of the Tree" (11951)
"Berlin" (11952)
"The Best Motion Picture Interview Ever Written" (see "Mack Sennett")
[Comment on] Books in Brief (11953)
"The Bread Line" (see Box 189, folders 8570-8571; Box 190, folder 8618; Box 191, folder 8654)
"Brown Fell Dead" (11954)

"California Committee Against Initiative Proposition No. 1" (11955)
"A Call for a True Relationship" (11956)
"Challenge to the Creative Man" (11957-11958)
"Change" (see Box 177, folders 8222-8224)
"Chaos" (11959-11960)
"Charles Fort" (11961)
"Chauncey M. Depew" (11962-11967)
"A Certain Oil Refinery" (see "The Standard Oil Works at Bayonne")
[Chicago] (11968)
"Chile as a Prey to American Imperialism" (11969)
[China] (11970)
"Christmas in the Tenements" (see Box 189, folders 8596-8597; Box 190, folder 8636; Box 191, folder 8675)
[The Church and Wealth in America] (11971)
"Citizens of Moscow" (11972) [see also Box 223, folders 9354-9355, 9379]
"Civilization Where? What?" (11973-11974)
"The Cliff Dwellers" (11975-11976)
"Cold Spring Harbor" (11977)
"The Color of To-day" (11978) [see also "Sonntag--A Record," Box 175, folders 8208-8209]
"Come All Ye Who Are Weary and Heavy Laden" (11979)
"Comment on Experimental Cinema" (11980)
"Commercial Exploitation in America" (11981-11982)
[Communist Party] (11983)
"Concerning Dives and Lazarus" (see Box 484, folder 14682)
"Concerning Our Helping England Again" (11984)
"Concerning the Elemental" (11985)
"Concerning the Joy of Living and Doing" (11986)
"Concerning Religious Charities" (11987)
"A Confession of Faith" (11988)
"The Control of Sex" (11989)
"A Conversation" [between TD and John Dos Passos] (11990)
[Comment on] "Co-op," by Upton Sinclair (11991)
"The Country Doctor" (11992) [see also Box 175, folders 8195-8205]
"The Cradle of Tears" (see Box 189, folder 8592; Box 190, folder 8633; Box 191, folder 8652)
"Credo" (11993)
[Review of] Crime and Punishment, by F. Dostoievsky (11994)
"Crime and Punishment Here" (11995)
"A Cripple Whose Energy Gives Inspiration" (see "The Noank Boy")
"The Crowding of the Cities" (11996-11997)
"Curious Shifts of the Poor" (see "The Old Captain")

"Daily News Ears Batted Down by Dreiser" (11998)
"The Dawn Is in the East" (11999-12000)
"The Day of Surfeit" (12001)
"The Democracy of the Funny Bone" (12002)
"The Descent of the Horse" (12003)
"A Doer of the Word" (12004)
"Down Hill and Up: Part I--Down" (12005-12008)
"Down Hill and Up: Part II--Up" (12009-12012)
"The Dream" (see Box 177, folder 8226)
"Dreiser Defends Norris on Power" (see "Reply to Mr. Paul S. Clapp")
"Dreiser Describes Spain's Tense Air" (12013)
"Dreiser Discusses Dewey Plan" (12014)
"Dreiser Finds Morale of Barcelonians High" (12015)
"Dreiser on Scottsboro" (see "Public Opinion and the Negro")
"Dreiser Sees No Progress" (12016)

"Earl Browder--July 9, 1931" (12017)
"Earl Browder--Terre Haute" (12018)
[The Early Adventures of "Sister Carrie"] (12019)
"Editor and Publisher" (see Box 484, folder 14683)
"Editorial Conference" (12020)
"Edmund Clarence Stedman at Home" (12021)
"Education and Civilization" (12022)
"Electricity in the Household" (12023)
[Emergency Unemployment Relief Committee] (12024)
"The Epic Sinclair" (12025-12028)
"Epic Technologists Must Plan" (12029)

"The Factory (12030-12031)
"Fall River" (12032)
"Fifty Million Frenchmen" (12033)
"Flies and Locusts" (12034)
"The Flight of Pigeons" (see Box 189, folder 8559; Box 190, folder 8609; Box 191, folder 8647)
"Fools of Love" (12035)
"The Fools of Love and the Fools of Success" (12036-12037)
"`Free the Class War Prisoners in Boss Jails'--Dreiser" (12038)
"Freedom for the Honest Writer" (12039-12040)
"Fruit Growing in America" (12041-12042)

[review of] Gandhi: The Magic Man (12043)
"A Garbled Report" (12043)
[The Genesis of the Peach Crop] (12044)
[George Ade] (12045)
[German temperament] (12046)
"The God Forgotten" (12047-12048)
"Good and Evil" (12049)
"The Gordian Knot" (12050-12054)
"The Great American Novel" (12055)
[Comment on] The Great Hunger, by Johan Bojer (12056)
"Great Problems of Organization. III. The Chicago Packing Industry" (12057)
"Greenwich Village" (12058)
"Greetings to the Canadian Workers in Their Struggle for Freedom" (12059)

"The Harp" (12060)
"The Haunts of Bayard Taylor" (12061)
"Helen" (12062)
"Henry L. Mencken and Myself" (12063)
"Hey, Rub-a-Dub-Dub" (12064) [see also Box 177, folders 8219-8221]
"Heywood Broun" (12065)
"The Hidden God" (12066)
"Hitler, Fascism and the Jews" (12067)
[Hitler's invasion of Russia, 1941] (12068)
"Hollywood: Its Morals and Manners" [parts 1-4] (12069-12073)
"Hollywood Now" (12074-12077)
"The Holy Roman Church" (12078)
"Hoover and the Red Cross: Russia 1918-1922" (12079)
"How Russia Handles the Sex Question" (12080)
"How the Great Corporations Rule the United States" (12081)
"Humanitarianism in the Scottsboro Case" (see Box 484, folder 14684)
"Hungary and the Hungarians" (12082)

"I Am Grateful to Soviet Russia" (12083)
"I Find the Real American Tragedy" (12084-12102)
[I Find the Real American Tragedy] [testimony of Robert Allan Edwards on cross-examination from 1934 trial] (12103-12106)
"I Hope the War Will Blow Our Minds Clear of the Miasma of Puritanism" (see "What the War Should Do for American Literature")
"I Remember! I Remember!" series: contributions by TD, Louise Campbell, Marcia Masters, Mary Donovan, Dagmar Deering, Lulla Adler, and Yvette Szekely (12107-12113)
"Ida Hauchawout" (12114-12115) [see also Box 225, folders 9394-9395; Box 229, folders 9467-9468]
"If Man Is Free, So Is All Matter" (12116)
"Illinois" (12117-12118)
"In Mizzouri" (12119)
"Incentive--a Problem Essay" (12120)
"Indiana" (12121-12123)
"Intellectual Unemployment" (12124)
"Interdependence" (12125)
"Interview between Theodore Dreiser and Harry Bridges" (12126-12128) [see also Box 483, folder 14673]
"An Interview with Ty Cobb" (12129-12131)
"The Irish Section Foreman Who Taught Me How to Live" (12132)
"Is American Freedom of the Press to End?" (12133)
"Is Fascism Coming to America?" (12134)
"Is There a Future for American Letters?" (12135-12136)
"It Is Official Lawlessness in America That Makes Government Regulation or Aid in Any Quarter Wholly Futile" (12137)
"It Is Parallels That Are Deadly" (12138-12143) [see also "The Coward" in TD Writings: Short Stories]

"J. Q. A. Ward" (12144-12145)
"John Reed Club Answer" (12146)
"Judge Jones, the Harlan Miners and Myself" (12146)
[Comment on] Judgment Day, by Elmer Rice (12147)
"Just How Our Corporations Work and Rule" (12148)

"Keep Moving [or Starve]" (12149-12150)
[Kentucky coal miners and situation in Harlan County] (12151)
"Kismet" (12152-12153)

"The Laziest Man. A Case of Real Idleness" (12154)
"A Lesson from the Aquarium" (12155-12156)
"Lessons I Learned from an Old Man" (12157)
"Let the Dead Bury the Dead" (12157)
"Let Us Look Honestly at the Cause of Sex Crimes" (12158)
"A Letter about Stephen Crane" (12159)
"A Letter from Rex Beach & the Authors' League of America to T. Dreiser and an Answer" (12160)
[Letter to editor re TD's reply of 25 Sept. 1942 to Writers War Board, 6 Oct. 1942] (12161)
"Letter to Governor Young" [re Tom Mooney] (12162)
[Letter to New York World Telegram in reply to TD re American Federation of Labor] (12163)
[Letter to the president and congress of the United States States re the Communist party] (12164)
"Letters and Opinions on the Land of the Soviets" (12165)
"Libel à la Mode" (12166)
"`Liberty': What Price?" (12167)
"Life After Death" (12167)
"Life, Art and America" (see Box 177, folder 8251)
"Life at Sixty-seven" (12168-12169)
"Literary Immorality" (12170)
"Literature and Journalism" (12171)
"The Log of an Ocean Pilot" (12172) [see also Box 189, folder 8556; Box 190, folder 8604; Box 191, folder 8642]
"The Loneliness of the City" (12173)
"The Love Affairs of Little Italy" (see Box 189, folder 8595; Box 190, folder 8635; Box 191, folder 8662)
"Loyalists Tell Dreiser They Will Not Surrender" (12174)

"Mack Sennett" (12175-12178)
"The Making of Small Arms" (12179)
"The Making of Stained-Glass Windows" (12180)
"Man and Romance" (12181)
"The Man on the Bench" (see Box 189, f. 8585-8586; Box 190, f. 8628; Box 191, f. 8664)
"The Man on the Sidewalk" (12182-12183)
"The Man Who Bakes Your Bread" (12184-12185)
"The Man Who Wanted to Be a Poet" (12186)
"Manhattan Beach" (12187)
"The Mansions of the Father" (12188-12189)
[Marden, Orison Swett, and Success magazine] (12190)
"Mark the Double Twain" (12191-12193)
"Mark Twain--Three Contacts" (12194-12201)
[Massie crime in Hawaii] (12202)
"Mathewson" (12203-12205)
"The Matter of Labor's Share" (12206)
"Meaning of the USSR in the World Today" (12207-12208)
"The Men in the Dark" (12209) [see also Box 189, folders 8587-8588; Box 190, folder 8629; Box 191, folder 8665]
"The Men in the Snow" (see Box 189, folder 8589; Box 190, folder 8631; Box 191, folder 8667)
"The Men in the Storm" (see Box 190, folder 8630; Box 191, folder 8666)
"The Mighty Burke" (12210)
"Miss Fielding" (12211)
"A Modern Advance in the Novel" (12212)
"Mooney and America" (12213)
[Essay on Tom Mooney] (12214)
"More Democracy or Less? An Inquiry" (see Box 177, folders 8245-8247)
"The Most Successful Ballplayer of Them All" (see "An Interview with Ty Cobb")
"My City" (12215-12216) [see also Box 235]
"My Creator" (12217-12218)
"My Favorite Fiction Character" (12219)
"Myself and the Movies" (12220-12222
"The Myth of Individuality" (12223)

"The New and the Old" (12224)
"The New Day" (12225)
"The New Humanism" (12226)
[New Masses] (12227)
[New York] (12228)
"New York" (12229)
"Nigger Jeff" (12230)
"Nikolai Lenin" (12231)
"No Advice to Young Writers" (12232)
"No Cars Running" (12233)
[Review of] No for an Answer, by Marc Blitzstein (12234)
"The Noank Boy" (12235)
"The Noise of the Strenuous" (12236)

[Review of] Of Human Bondage (12237)
"The Old Captain" (12238)
"An Old Spanish Custom" (12239)
"Olive Brand" (12240) [see also Box 229, folders 9460-9464]
"On Doctors" and "On Physicians" (12241)
"On--Myself" (12242)
"One Day" (12243)
[Review of] One Man, by Robert Steele (12244)
"Our Amazing Illusioned Press" (see "What Is the Matter with the American Newspaper")
"Our American Press and Our Political Prisoners" (12245)
"Our Creator" (12246)
"Our Democracy: Will It Endure?" (see Box 254, folders 9903, 9923)
"Our Greatest Writer Tells What's Wrong with Our Newspapers" (12247)
"Our Red Slayer" (see Box 189, folders 8572-8573; Box 190, folder 8619; Box 191, folder 8656)
"Out of My Newspaper Days. I. Chicago" (12248) [see also Box 184, folder 8467]
"Out of My Newspaper Days. II. St. Louis" (12249) [see also Box 184, folders 8491-8492]
"Out of My Newspaper Days. III. `Red' Galvin" (12250) [see also Box 185, folders 8512-8513]
"Out of My Newspaper Days. IV. The Bandit" (12251) [see also Box 185, folder 8514]
"Out of My Newspaper Days. V. I Quit the Game" (12252) [see also Box 185, folders 8544-8546]
"An Overcrowded Entryway" (see "Hollywood: Its Morals and Manners," folder 12069)
"Overland [Journey]" (12253-12255)

"Paris--1926" (12256)
"Policy of National Committee for Defense of Political Prisoners" (12257)
"Portrait of a Woman" (12258) [see also "Ernestine" in Box 228, folders 9428-9430]
"Portrait of an Artist" (12259)
"The Position of Labor" (12260)
[Present revolt of the arts in America] (12261)
"The Problem of Distribution" (12262)
"The Professional Intellectual and His Present Place" (12263)
"The Profit-makers Are Thieves" (12264)
"Prosperity for Only One Percent of the People" (12265)
"Public Opinion and the Negro" (12266)
"The Pushcart Man" (see Box 484, folder 14685) [see also Box 189, folders 8568-8569; Box 190, folder 8616; Box 191, folder 8653]
"Pushkin" (12267)

"Rally Round the Flag" (12268-12269)
"The Real Sins of Hollywood" (12270)
"The Realistic Parade" (12271)
"Rebellious Women and Marriage" (12272-12273)
"The Red Cross Brings Poverty and Misery" (12274)
"Regina C--" (12275) [see also Box 225, folder 9390; Box 228, folders 9441-9442]
"Reina." See also Box 228, folders 9439-9440 (12276)
"Rella." See also Box 228, folders 9433-9438 (12277)
"Reply to Mr. Paul S. Clapp" (12278)
"The Right to Revolution" (12279)
"The Rivers of the Nameless Dead" (see Box 189, folders 8598-8599; Box 190, folder 8637; Box 191, folder 8676)
"Robison Cars Running" (12280)
"The Romance of Power" (12281-12285)
"Running the Railroads" (12286-12287) [see also "A Splash of Cold Water on the Railroads"]
"Rural America in Wartime" (12288-12289)
"Russia: The Great Experiment" (see Box 223, folder 9366)
"The Russian Advance" (12290)
"Russian Vignettes" (12291) [see also Box 223, folders 9359, 9380]

"The Saddest Story" [review of The Good Soldier, by Ford Madox Hueffner (Ford)] (12292)
"Samuel Butler" (12292)
"Sarah Schanab" (12293)
"Scenes in a Cartridge Factory" (12294)
"The Scope of Fiction" (12295)
"A Sea Marsh" (12296)
"The Seventh Commandment" (12297-12299)
"Sex Crimes and Morals" (12300-12302)
"Sherwood Anderson" (12303-12304)
"Should Capitalistic United States Treat Latin America Imperialistically?" (12305-12306)
"Should Communism Be Outlawed in America" (12307)
"Should the Government Compete in Business with Private Individuals?" (12308)
"Should Hungary Have Been Crunched Under Heel?" (12309-12311)
"The Silent Worker" (12312)
"Six o'Clock" (12313) [See also Box 189, folder 8561; Box 190, folder 8611; Box 191, folder 8649]
"The Six Worst Pictures of the Year" (12314)
[Sombre Annals], review of Undertow, by Henry K. Marks (12315)
[Soviet Union] (12316)
"Speaking of Censorship" (12317)
"The Spider and the Fly" (12318)
"A Splash of Cold Water on the Railroads" (12319) [see also "Running the Railroads"]
"Stamp Out Want" (12320)
"A Stand in Life" (12320)
"The Standard Oil Works at Bayonne" (see Box 484, folder 14686) [see also Box 189, folder 8581; Box 190, folder 8625; (Box 191, folder 8661]
[A Start in Life] (12321-12322)
"A Statement by Theodore Dreiser" (see "Comment on Experimental Cinema")
[Sterling, George] (12323)
"The Story of Harry Bridges" (see "Interview between Theodore Dreiser and Harry Bridges") [see also Box 483, folder 14673]
"The Story of the States: No. III--Illinois" (see "Illinois")
"The Strike To-day" (12324)
"Strikers Arrested" (12325)
"A Suggestion for the Communist Party" (12326)
"The Superstition of My Birth" (12327)
"Symposium on the Medical Profession" (see "On Doctors")

"Take a Look at Our Railroads" (see "Running the Railroads" and "A Splash of Cold Water on the Railroads")
"Temperaments--Artistic and Otherwise" (12328)
"Theodore Dreiser and the Free Press" (12329)
"Theodore Dreiser Condemns War" (see "War")
"Theodore Dreiser's Interview of Anna Fort" (12330-12331)
"Theodore Dreiser Picks the Six Worst Pictures of the Year" (see "The Six Worst Pictures . . ."
"They Shall Not Die" (12332)
"This Florida Scene" (12333)
"This Madness" series: "Introduction" (12334-12336)
"This Madness" series: "Aglaia" (12337-12357)
"This Madness" series: "Elizabeth" (12358-12362) [see also "A Daughter of the Puritans," Box 227; Box 229, folders 9449-9453]
"This Madness" series: "Sidonie" (12363-12391)
"This Madness" series: "Camilla" [not used] (12392-12418)
"This Madness" series: "Aglaia" [printed version] (12419-12420)
"This Madness" series: "The Story of Elizabeth" [printed version] (12421-12422)
"This Madness" series: "The Book of Sidonie" [printed version] (12423-12424)
[Thompson family] (12425)
"The Threat of War and the Youth" (12426)
[Time capsule, TD's message for] (12427)
"The Tippicanoe" (12428)
"The Titan in England" (12429)
"To Be or Not to Be" (12429)
"To the Writers' League of America" (12430)
"To Those Whom It Should Concern" (12430)
"The Toil of the Laborer: A Trilogy" (12431) [see also Box 177, folders 8229-8230]
"Toilers of the Tenement" (see Box 484, folder 14687) [see also Box 189, folders 8562-8563; Box 190, folder 8612; Box 191, folder 8668]
[Toilers of the Tenement: untitled article similar to the one with this title] (12432)
"The Training of the Senses" (12433)
"The Treasure House of Natural History (12434)
"The Trial of the Negro Communists" (12435)
[Tribute to Gorky] (12436)

[Unemployment and the WPA] (12437)
"Unemployment in America" (12438-12439)
"Unemployment in New York" (12440-12441)
"U[nited].S[tates]. Must Not Be Bled for Imperial Britain" (12442)
"Upton Sinclair" (12443)

"War" (12444-12445)
[War: TD's denunciation of, 1930s] (12446)
"War Is a Racket" (12447)
"War or No War" (12448)
"The Waterfront" (see Box 190, folder 8603; Box 191, folder 8641)
"'We Hold These Truths. . .,'" (12449)
"What Are America's Powerful Motion Picture Companies Doing?" (12450)
"What Has the Great War Taught Me?" (12451)
"What I Believe: Living Philosophies--III" (12452) [see also "Credo"]
"What Is Americanism?" (12453)
"What Is Democracy?" (12454) [see also Box 252, folder 9838; Box 254, folders 9898, 9918]
"What Is the Matter with the American Newspaper" (12455-12458) [see also "Our Greatest Writer Tells What's Wrong with Our Newspapers"]
"What My Mother Meant to Me" (12459)
"What the War Should Do for American Literature" (12460)
"What to Do" (12461)
"When the Sails Are Furled: Sailor's Snug Harbor" (12462) [see also Box 190, folder 8620; Box 191, folder 8657]
"When Will the Next War Start?" (12463)
"Whence the Song" (see Box 189, folder 8574; Box 191, folder 8643)
"Where Is Labor's Share?" (12464)
"Where Is Leadership for the Workingman?" (12465)
"White Magic" (12466-12467)
"Whom God Hath Joined Together" (12468-12469)
"Why Help Russia?" (12470)
"Why I Believe the Daily Worker Should Live? (12471)
"Why I Like the Russian People" (12472)
"Why I Propose to Vote for the Communist Ticket" (12473)
"Why Physical Morality?" (12474)
"Will Fascism Come to America?" (see "Is Fascism Coming to America?")
"Winterton" (12475)
"Women Are the Realists" (12476-12477) [see Box 484, folder 14688 for reprint]
"Woods Hole and the Marine Biological Laboratory (12478)
"A Word Concerning Birth Control" (12479)
"Work of Mrs. Kenyon Cox" (12480)
"Work of Vengeance" (12481)
"Writers Declare: `We Have a War to Win'" (12482)
"Writers Take Sides" (12483)

"The Yield of the Rivers" (12484)
"You, the Phantom" (12485-12486)

3 untitled essays (12487-12489)