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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Appendix F: Manuscript and Sheet Music By Paul Dresser

Theodore Dreiser Papers
Appendix F: Manuscript and Sheet Music By Paul Dresser


"After the Battle" (1905) - 2 copies

"The Army of Half-Starved Men" (1902) - includes advertisement for "Glory to God" inside front cover

"Ave Maria" (1908)

"A Baby Adrift at Sea, Song and Chorus" (1890)

"Baby's Tears, Song and Chorus" (1889)

"The Battery" (1895)

"The Boys are Coming Home To-day" (1903)

"Come Tell Me What's Your Answer, Yes or No" (1908) - 2 copies

"Coontown Capers, Two-Step March (A Negrosyncrasy)" (1907) - by Theo. F. Morse with characteristic verse by Paul Dresser

"The Curse of the Dreamer, Descriptive Solo for Baritone or Mezzo-Soprano" (1908)

"The Day That You Grew Colder, A Retrospective Ballad" (1904) - includes advertisement for "Mary Mine"

"Days Gone By, Song and Chorus" (1900)

"Did You Ever Hear a Nigger Say `Wow`" (1900) - 2 copies

"Don't Forget Your Parents" (1889) - minor lyric changes and key change from 1887 version

"Don't Forget Your Parents at Home" (1887)

"A Dream of my Boyhood's Days" (1906)

"Every Night There's a Light, or, The Light in the Window Pane" (1908)

"Gath`ring Roses for Her Hair, Sentimental Song" (?)

"Glory to God, Sacred Song" (1902)

"The Green Above the Red" (1900) - 2 copies, both include advertisement for "In Good Old New York Town" on p. 5

"He Brought Home Another" (1896) - 2 copies, one published by Howley, Haviland and Co., the other by Herbert H. Taylor, inc.

"He Didn't Seem Glad to See Me" (1903)

"He Fought for the Cause He Thought was Right" (1906)

"He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" (1906)

"He Was a Soldier" (1902)

"Her Tears Drifted Out With the Tide" (1900)

"I Long To Hear from You" (1888)

"I Send to Them My Love" (1888)

"I Was Looking for My Boy, She Said; or Decoration Day" (1905) - 2 copies

"I Wish that You Were Here Tonight" (1896)

"I Wonder If She'll Ever Come Back To Me" (1906)

"I Wonder If There's Someone Who Loves Me" (1900)

"If You See My Sweetheart" (1907)

"I'm Going Far Away, Love" (1902)

"In Dear Old Illinois" (1902)

"In the Sweet Summer Time" (1907) - 2 copies

"Jim Judson (From the Town of Hackensack)" (1905)

"The Judgement is at Hand (Paul Dresser's Last Song)" (1906)

"Just to See Mother's Face Once Again" (1901)

"The Limit Was Fifty Cents" (1900)

"Little Fanny McIntyre, Waltz Song" (1900)

"Little Jim" (1900)

"The Lone Grave" (1900)

"Love's Promise" (1887)

"Mary Mine" (1904) - 2 copies

"Mother Will Stand By Me" (1889)

"Mr. Volunteer; or, You Don't Belong to the Regulars, You're Just a Volunteer" (1901) - includes advertisement for "The Voice of the Hudson" on p. 4

"My Flag! My Flag!" (1902)

"My Gal Sal; or, They Called Her Frivolous Sal" (1905) - includes sample quartet chorus inside front cover

"My Sweetheart of Long, Long Ago" (1901)

"Never Speak Again" (1887)

"Niggah Loves His Possum; or, Deed, He Do, Do, Do" (1905)

"The Old Flame Flickers, and I Wonder Why" (1908)

"On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away" - one copy is missing the music but has P. Dresser's autograph inside back cover, signature dated Jan. 6, 1899; another copy (copyright, 1907) is complete and includes a sample of "You Mother Wants You Home, Boy (And She Wants You Mighty Bad)" inside front cover; 2 other copies (copyright, 1912) and another (1922) which touts silent screen star Madge Evans

"On the Shore of Havana, Far Away (A Paraphrase)": to the melody of the Famous Song "On the Banks of the Wabash" (1908)

"Once Every Year" (1908) - 2 copies

"Our Country, May She Always Be Right, But Our Country Right or Wrong" (1908)

"Perhaps You'll Regret Someday" (1908) - 2 copies

"A Sailor's Grave by the Sea" (1907) - 2 copies

"Say Yes, Love!" (1907) - 2 copies, one with front cover missing

"Show Me the Way, Sacred Song" (1906)

"The Songs We Loved, Dear Tom" (1888)

"A Stitch in Time Saves Nine" (1889)

"The Story of the Winds" (1888)

"Sweet Savannah" (1908) - 2 copies

"Take a Seat Old Lady" (1901)

"There's a Ship" (1902) - 2 copies

"We are Coming Cuba Coming" (1908)

"We'll Fight Tomorrow Mother" (1908)

"When I'm Away From You, Dear" (1904)

"When Mammy's By Yo` Side" (1900)

"When Zaza Sits on the Piazza" (1905) - words by Jos. Farrell and music by Henry Frantzen; includes advertisement for "Jim Judson (From the Town of Hackensack)" inside front cover; on p.3 a note by Theodore Dreiser (T.D.) states that Paul Dresser wrote both the music and the lyrics

"White Apple Blossoms" (1901)

"Wrap Me in the Stars and Stripes" (1900)

"Your God Comes First, Your Country Next, Then Mother Dear" (1908)

"Your Mother Wants You Home, Boy (And She Wants You Mighty Bad)" (1908)

"You're Going Far Away, Lad; or, I'm Still Your Mother Dear" (1907)

"You`se Just a Little Nigger, Still You`se Mine All Mine" (1908)

Additional Material

Letter - from Emily Grant von Tetzel to the editor of "The World"; includes Dresser's verses "The Wolves of Finance", dated March 15, 1917

Clippings of lyrics - "Mother Told Me So" and "The Letter that Never Came"

Clipping - Paul Dresser's obituary, February 10, 1906

Lyric Sheets - typed and handwritten - "Drink to Your Sweethearts Dear," "I Hate to Leave You Behind" and "The Judgement is at Hand"; 2 sheets have notes by Theodore Dreiser

Picture of Paul Dresser

Cards from Paul Dresser's funeral (also "Mementos")

Copyright certificate for "You Are My Sunshine Sue" made in the name of Theodore Dreiser, dated 6/26/43

Ms. - "Baby Mine"

Ms. - "The Great Old Organ"

Ms. - "Marching through Georgia" - includes typed lyric sheet for same

Ms. - "The People are Marching By"

Ms. - "Would I Were a Child Again"

Ms. - "You are my Sunshine Sue"