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Penn Appétit Magazine

Description: Penn Appitit is the University of Pennsylvania's innovative, student-run magazine covering all things food. We publish one hard copy issue each semester and have a blog that's updated daily. To inquire about advertising, collaborating, or getting involved, send an email to We are always looking for new contributors in writing, photo, layout, and business. Penn Appitit is the oldest campus food magazine in the country. We received the 2010 Penn PubCo awards for Best Design, Best Leisure Article, and Best Overall Magazine.

Penn Gastronomy Club

Description: We are passionate about learning through eating, and hope to explore both the food culture of Philadelphia and anywhere else our palates may take us. We see food as a catalyst to finding new adventures and forming relationships. We believe that food is the essence of culture, and aim to appreciate different cultures and perspectives by experiencing their culinary traditions. Food is more that just fuel for our bodies; enjoying food to the fullest is an essential part of enjoying life to the fullest. As a group, we hope to educate the Penn community about food-related issues and offer students unusual culinary experiences in the Philadelphia area. By doing so, we also hope to occasionally provide our peers with extraordinary alternatives to ordinary dining hall and microwave dinners.

Penn Vegan Society

Description: The Penn Vegan Society is an academically-focused organization researching and disseminating information about plant-based diets and non-violence. Our three keys areas of inquiry and expertise are human health, environmental stewardship, and bioethics. We host high-profile speakers and conferences, maintain a web resource and blog for those looking to learn more about veganism, and work closely with Penn Dining and area restaurants to increase and improve the vegan offerings available to those looking to make a dietary transition.

Urban Nutrition Initiative

Description: Found at

FarmEcology (inactive)

Description: Founded as an outgrowth of an Academically Based Community Service (ABCS) class, FarmEcology is a student-initiated endeavor that is raising awareness and educating Penn's campus about the benefits of local foods. The group's co-founders, Emma Kirwan and Rachel Meyer, spent the past semester exploring and researching opportunities for connecting the University with local farms, contacting regional food experts for advice, and researching similar programs that are developing across the country at similar institutions.

SPEC Special Events

  • Some of their sponsored events include ones pertaining to food (e.g., Pasta Making Class at La Cucina, February 23, 2011)
  • Website:

Description: SPEC Special Events brings a variety of unique events to Penn's campus. The committee is well-known for providing free cookies, crafts, and other treats to students during several Fests held in Houston Hall. FrightFest, WinterFest, LoveFest and BeachFest give the Penn community a fun and varied break from the rigors of academia.

MUSE (Marketing Undergraduate Students Establishment)

Description: The Marketing Undergraduate Students Establishment (MUSE) is the premier marketing organization at the Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania. We are an entirely student-run non-profit organization with over 900 members, and are the primary source for students interested in marketing to gain professional experience and access to resources within the industry. MUSE is also an active collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), one of the largest professional associations for marketers with 38,000 members worldwide.

34th Street Magazine

  • Contains a Food & Drink section, publishes a semi-annual Dining Guide for Philly
  • Website:

Penn Garden

A blog that voices the opinions of students involved in the Penn Garden, which is located west of Rodin College House. Students can use the garden as a place to grow fruit and vegetables, without artificial chemicals or fertilizers.

More Than Pennies

Uses dining hall meals to feed those in need