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William Penn Keffer Collection of Sheet Music,
ca. 1790-1895

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Philadelphia in Music

The following is a list of items in the collection for which Philadelphia, events in the city, or various organizations in Philadelphia served as either the subject of the music or the dedication. Click on the images in the list to see the full versions of the images.

Philadelphia as Subject in the Keffer Collection
Item No. Composer Title, Imprint, Date Image
Box 1
no. 22
Unidentified young lady
Lafayette's Welcome to Philadelphia
Philadelphia : G.E. Blake, 1824
Lafayette's Welcome
Box 11
no. 59
Hemmenway, James
Philadelphia Serenading Grand March
Philadelphia : Geo. Willig, between 1826 and 1830
Philadelphia Serenading
Box 42
no. 1
Hausman, C. F.
Les Charmes de Philadelphia
Philadelphia : Geo. Willig, 1828?
Box 39a
no. 40
Hemmenway, James
The Philadelphia Hop Waltz
Philadelphia : G.E. Blake, between 1815 and 1841
Hop Waltz
Box 34
no. 14
Johnson, Francis
Philadelphia Firemen's Cotillion
Philadelphia : G.E. Blake, between 1815 and 1841
Firemen's Cotillion
Box 41
no. 42
Walch, J. H. (Johann Heinrich)
The Philadelphia State Fencible's Quick March
New York : Hewitt, between 1830 and 1835
State Fencible's
Box 39
no. 19
Viereck, J. C.
The Philadelphian
Philadelphia : F. Perring, 1845
not available
Box 10
no. 58
Grobe, Charles
Salut à Philadelphie : variations brillantes sur un thème favori de Weigl, Leonore : op. 74
Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1846
Box 36a
no. 4
Lenschow, Charles
Bachelors Polka : for the piano : dedicated to the Junior Bachelors Association of Philada.
Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1849
Bachelors Polka
Box 36
no. 12
No attribution
The Favorite Evergreen Polka : as performed at the Philadelphia Assemblys
Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, between 1849 and 1851
Evergreen Polka
Box 35
no. 37
Couenhoven, James
Philadelphia Mazurka Quadrilles
Philadelphia : Jas. Couenhoven, 1850
Mazurka Quadrilles
Box 38
no. 23
Wilhelm, Charles
Philadelphia Ladies Galop
Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1855
Ladies Galop
Box 24
no. 16
Hassler, Mark
Philadelphia Lancers
Philadelphia : G. André & Co., 1860
Philadelphia Lancers
Box 38
no. 31
Meyer, Reed
Union League Reception Galop
Philadelphia : Reed Meyer, 1870
Union League

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