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Series IV. Personal, legal, financial, and family materials

20 boxes

This series includes the personal correspondence of Anna D. Anderson, Alyse Anderson, and Orpheus Fisher with persons other than Marian Anderson (their correspondence with Anderson is in General Correspondence). In addition, there is some memorabilia and miscellaneous material for each. Orpheus H. Fisher, in addition to his work as an architect, managed a number of rental properties in Danbury, and his papers include some information on these. The materials related to the Fishers' home in Connecticut, Marianna Farm, includes most of the deeds and mortgages related to the purchase and eventual sale of the property.

Marian Anderson's financial and legal papers are comprised of manuscript notes of her expenses, some correspondence with accountants and with her attorneys, Judge Hubert Delany of New York and George W. Crawford of Hartford, Connecticut, canceled checks and bank statements (not complete for all years) and statements from her investments.

Correspondence arranged alphabetically by correspondent at the beginning of each box.

A. Family.

4 boxes.
1. Anna D. Anderson and Ethel A. De Preist households, 762-764 Martin St., Philadelphia
    Letters to Anna D. Anderson, A-S, unidentified.
    Box 158
    Folder 8104-8114
    Anna D. Anderson diary/notes on her trip to Europe, n.d. (1934).
    2 items, 8 leaves.
    Box 158
    Folder 8115
    Anna D. Anderson memorabilia.
    Box 158
    Folder 8116-8117
    Ethel Anderson and James De Preist, miscellaneous.
    Box 158
    Folder 8118-8119
    Includes the hospital bills for Mr. De Preist's final illness, 1942.
    762 S. Martin Street, improvements and repairs.
    Box 158
    Folder 8120-8121
    Other real estate: investment properties in South Philadelphia.
    Box 158
    Folder 8122-8126
2. Alyse Anderson correspondence
    Letters to Alyse Anderson, A-Y, unidentified.
    Box 159
    Folder 8127-8190
    Alyse Anderson memorabilia, miscellaneous.
    Box 159
    Folder 8191-8193
    Includes program for her appearance in "The Bohemian Girl, " 3 June 1927. (See also Alyse Anderson Memorabilia Boxes 401-403.)
3. Orpheus H. Fisher business correspondence, real estate interests
    Letters to OHF, A-Z, and unidentified.
    Box 160
    Folder 8194-8217
    Greeting cards to OHF, get-well cards.
    Box 160
    Folder 8218-8219
    OHF birth certificate (photocopy) and estate.
    Box 160
    Folder 8220
    OHF medical correspondence, receipts, and power of attorney, 1959-1979
    Box 160
    Folder 8221
    OHF insurance, real estate, contracts, and rent receipts.
    Box 160
    Folder 8222-29
    OHF notes, miscellaneous.
    Box 160
    Folder 8230
4. Marianna Farms. Deeds, property description, and operation of the farm, 1939-1980.
Arranged chronologically.
    Mortgage, surveys, engineering report, deeds, etc.
    Box 161
    Folder 8231-8251
    Employees, tenants.
    Box 161
    Folder 8252

B. Financial materials.

10 boxes.

Not complete for all years.

1. Financial notes prepared for taxes, chronological.
    Financial notes, 1930-1981, n.d.
    Box 162
    Folder 8253-8278
2. Correspondence with accountants and tax statements.
    Box 162
    Folder 8279-8282
    Income taxes and real estate taxes.
    Box 162
    Folder 8283-8293
    Customs declarations.
    Box 162
    Folder 8294
3. Correspondence and statements from banks and trust companies.
    Correspondence and bank statements, A-N.
    Box 163
    Folder 8295-8324
    Arranged alphabetically by name of bank.
    Correspondence and bank statements, S-W.
    Box 164
    Folder 8325-8331
    Arranged alphabetically by name of bank.
    Corn Exchange Bank and Trust Co. Canceled checks. 1940-1948.
    Box 165
    Folder n/a
    Corn Exchange Bank and Trust Co. Canceled checks. 1946-1949.
    Box 166
    Folder n/a
    First Pennsylvania Company. 1955-1963.
    Box 167
    Folder n/a
    Investment statements.
    Wellington Fund. 1955-1972. First National Bank N.J. 1959-1963.
    Box 168
    Folder n/a
    Investment statements.
    Mutual Management Co., 1956-1963. First Investors Corp., 1954-1970. Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. 1954-1963.
    Box 169
    Folder n/a
    Investment statements.
    Investments. 1930-1977. Miscellaneous items.
    Box 170
    Folder 8332-8335
    Arranged chronologically.
    F. K. Kerpen and Co. Correspondence.
    Box 170
    Folder 8336
    M. Fainberg. Correspondence.
    Box 170
    Folder 8337
    Irving Trust Co. Statements.
    Box 170
    Folder 8338
    Wellington Fund. Correspondence.
    Box 170
    Folder 8339
    Trust for Anna D. Anderson, 1955.
    Box 170
    Folder 8340
4. Insurance correspondence.
    Insurance and miscellaneous.
    Box 171
    Folder 8341-8352

C. Legal materials, correspondence with attorneys, B-S.

1 box.
Blank, Rome, Klaus & Comisky
Box 172
Folder 8353
Re Anna D. Anderson estate.
Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft.
Box 172
Folder 8354
Re neighboring Harold P. Farrington estate.
Crawford, George W. 1945-1959.
Box 172
Folder 8355-8361
Crawford, George W. 1961-1962.
Box 172
Folder 8362-8364
Re Frida Sarsen Bucky contracts.
Crawford, George W. 1960-1969, n.d.
Box 172
Folder 8365-8366
Delany, Hubert T. 1929-1962, n.d.
Box 172
Folder 8367-8372
Re Dunaif, George M. Estate for Mount Morris Music School.
Box 172
Folder 8373
Miscellaneous legal matters, lawyers E-S.
Box 172
Folder 8374-8380
Legal permissions for publication/republication of materials by or about Marian Anderson, 1977.
Box 172
Folder 8381

D. Marian Anderson estate, obituaries, condolences.

1 box.
Power of attorney, birth certificate, miscellaneous. 1992
Box 173
Folder 8382
Power of attorney for Marian Anderson granted to James De Preist, 21 July 1992. Certified copy of Marian Anderson's birth certificate, obtained 1992. Miscellaneous related materials.
Power of attorney. 1982
Box 173
Folder 8383
Earlier Power of attorney for Marian Anderson granted to Frederick F. Robinson, 23 April 1982.
James De Preist to Jessica Ingaren 1 April 1992.
Box 173
Folder 8384
Notes and plans, draft of letter, condolences.1993
Box 173
Folder 8385-8389
James De Preist's notes and plans for Marian Anderson's memorial service at Carnegie Hall 7 June 1993, draft of a letter to Stewart Warkow; condolences. (See also: Folders 7713-7714, James De Preist's obituary and remarks at the memorial.)
Re Estate of Marian Anderson. 1993-1995
Box 173
Folder 8390-8392
Includes requests for permissions for publications.

E. Receipts.

4 boxes.
General. 1924-1969
Box 174
Folder 8393-8437
General.1970-1981, n.d.
Box 175
Folder 8438-8453
Hotels. 1927-1976
Box 176
Folder 8454-8488
Not complete for all years, but fairly complete for her European tours 1934-1938, for the 1940s, and for her trips to Europe in 1949 and 1955.
Box 177
Folder 8489-8499
Travel receipts for train, ship and air travel. Not complete for all years.
Clothing. 1925-1972, n.d.
Box 177
Folder 8450-8509
Receipts for purchases of clothing, some correspondence with designers, arranged chronologically.
Medical and dental. 1930-1977, n.d.
Box 177
Folder 8510-8515
Includes some correspondence with doctors, prescriptions, arranged chronologically.

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