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Series IX. Memorabilia

73 boxes

Arranged with materials in folders (i.e. autographs, travel documents, passports, and articles sent to Anderson) first in the series, followed by materials in boxes, including gifts sent to Anderson and her scrapbooks, boxed last.

The scrapbooks, 40 items, contain clippings, photographs, and some correspondence. Some were compiled by Hurok Concerts to document Anderson's career, others were compiled by friends, fans, and her hosts during her overseas tours. The scrapbooks are the most valuable resource in the memorabilia, a few are in very fragile condition. Additional items of Memorabilia, including one scrapbook, are in Oversize.

A. Autographs and stationery.

Marian Anderson autographed cards.
20 items.
Box 365
Folder 10284
Marian Anderson autographed memorabilia.
Box 365
Folder 10285
Marian Anderson business cards.
10 items.
Box 365
Folder 10286
Imprinted and personalized cards.
Box 365
Folder 10287
Greeting cards signed by Marian Anderson.
Box 365
Folder 10288
Greeting cards purchased by/for Anderson.
Box 365
Folder 10289-10291
Personalized stationery and hotel stationery.
Box 365
Folder 10292-10294
Miscellaneous memorabilia.
Box 365
Folder 10295

B. Travel documents and travel memorabilia, passports.

Marian Anderson fingerprints, Police Dept. New York City.
Box 366
Folder 10296
Marian Anderson learner's permit, N.Y., 1938.
Box 366
Folder 10296
Passport applications, permits.
Box 366
Folder 10297-10300
Marian Anderson passports, 1930, 1934, 1952, 1960.
Box 366
Folder 10301
Anna D. Anderson passport, 1934.
Box 366
Folder 10302
Visas, permits for South America, MA and Kosti Vehanen, 1937-1938.
Box 366
Folder 10303-10304
Visas, health certification, 1950-1960.
Box 366
Folder 10305-10306
Travelers information, railroad schedules.
Box 366
Folder 10307-10309
Passenger lists, ocean liners, 1931, 1950.
Box 366
Folder 10310
Memorabilia -- air travel, hotels, menus.
Box 366
Folder 10311-10316
Box 367
Folder 10317
Box 367
Folder 10318
Materials from Edward R. Murrow, CBS Television, by and about U Nu.
Box 367
Folder 10319
Box 367
Folder 10320
Box 367
Folder 10321
Box 367
Folder 10322
Tourist map and railway map.
Box 367
Folder 10323
Israel, 1955
Box 367
Folder 10324
Includes souvenirs from the Holy Land.
Box 367
Folder 10325
Box 367
Folder 10326
Russia 1935
Box 367
Folder 10327
Box 367
Folder 10328-10329
Switzerland and the Alps
Box 367
Folder 10330
United States
Box 367
Folder 10331-10332
Postcards saved from cities around the world.
Box 367
Folder 10333-10334

C. Juvenilia and mementos.

Elementary school certificate of completion, 13 June 1910.
Box 368
Folder 10335
Chicago Musical College, matriculation card, 2 August 1919.
Box 368
Folder 10336
National Association of Negro Musicians, membership, 4 February 1921
Box 368
Folder 10337
Mementos from significant events, placards, menus, etc.
Box 368
Folder 10338-10347
Membership cards
Box 368
Folder 10348
Recipes, cookbooks saved by Marian Anderson.
Box 368
Folder 10349

D. Miscellaneous memorabilia, materials sent to Anderson.

Includes articles, plays, stories, sermons, prayers, religious tracts.

Adjoua, Ali Kojo. "July 4th 1977"
Box 369
Folder 10350
Almeida, Manuel Villa. "Poeme en Prose a Cuba"
Box 369
Folder 10351
In French, typescript, autographed.
Beattie, John W. Music memory contest, 1924.
Box 369
Folder 10352
Beem, Betty and Gorman, Laura. "The Vacant Chair, " 1966.
Box 369
Folder 10353-10354
Typescript play about John F. Kennedy in 5 acts, with audiodisc recording on vinyl of "The Cape Kennedy Theme Song."
Bergstrand, Wilton E. "Under Two Flags" and "Roses in December, " 1969.
Box 369
Folder 10355
Typescript sermons.
"Bowler Views the News, " WPEN, n.d.
Box 369
Folder 10356
Braithwaite, E.R. (Edward Ricardo). "To Sir, With Love" 1959.
Box 369
Folder 10357
Typescript play.
Broadman, Joseph. Address at the Harvard Club, New York, 1 May 1964.
Box 369
Folder 10358
Buxenbaum, Una and Studer, Norman. "Her Name Was Truth, " n.d.
Box 369
Folder 10359
Typescript about Sojourner Truth.
Cilley, Mabel. "Through Music to God, a Scarlet Line, " pamphlet inscribed and autographed, 1938.
Box 369
Folder 10360
Cooper, Anna J. (Anna Julia), 1858-1964. "Christmas Bells A One Act Play for Children, " n.d.
Box 369
Folder 10361
Dale, Alfred S. and Dale, Jennie. "The Promised Land, "
Box 369
Folder 10362
Typescript story about Joe Louis.
Evans, Marion, "A Personal Glimpse, " 1976.
Box 369
Folder 10363
Manuscript story.
Hughes, Langston, "Don't You Want to Be Free, "
Box 369
Folder 10364
Published in One Act Play Magazine, 1938. Sent to Anderson by Waring Cuney, see correspondence.
Hunter, Gordon C. "Does God Have the Whole World in His Hands?"
Box 369
Folder 10365
Typescript sermon.
Kelsey, Fred A. and Ross, W. L. "Glory Halleluiah [sic]" n.d.
Box 369
Folder 10366
Typescript story.
Krummeich, Paul. "The Spirituals of the American Negro - a Psycho-genetic Study" subtitled "A Tribute to Marian Anderson, " n.d.
Box 369
Folder 10367
Typescript article.
Lewis, Philip. "So All May Sing, " 1968.
Box 369
Folder 10368
"Marjorie's Letters, " 1940.
Box 370
Folder 10369
Mena, Maria de J. "Apelacion de la Patria a la Mujer Cubana, ante la Reforma Agraria, " n.d.
Box 370
Folder 10370
Typescript in Spanish.
Michaux, Lightfoot Solomon. "Morning Broadcast Sermon, " n.d.
Box 370
Folder 10371
Typescript mimeographed.
Montgomery, Simon Peter. "Prayers" [delivered before the General Assembly], 1957.
Box 370
Folder 10372
Chaplain of the State House of Connecticut. Pamphlet.
Phillips, Porter W. "Singing in a Strange Land, " 1939.
Box 370
Folder 10373
Sermon, pamphlet.
Rodale, Robert. "It's Time to Get Organic." 1971.
Box 370
Folder 10374
Rushmore, Robert. Untitled article from Opera News, 1967.
Box 370
Folder 10375
Scott, Michael. "The Orphans' Heritage, " 1958.
Box 370
Folder 10376
Scribner, Florence. "Like a High Stone Wall, " 1961.
Box 370
Folder 10377
Typescript story.
Smollett, Lew. "The Whole World in His Hands, " n.d.
Box 370
Folder 10378
Typescript story.
Sweet, Clytie and Baylor, Jack P. "A Day with St. Francis, " 1953.
Box 370
Folder 10379
Typescript play with music.
Thebom, Blanche. "Holiday for Santa, " 1970.
Box 370
Folder 10380
Typescript play.
Townsend, Natalie. "The Only Way to Sing, " n.d.
Box 370
Folder 10381
Wirick, Grant. "To God Through Christ A Simpler Way." 1977.
Box 370
Folder 10382
Miscellaneous and unidentified tracts, religious materials, prayers, etc.
Box 370
Folder 10383-10388

E. Addresses and calling cards.

Addresses on index cards.
Box 371
Calling cards, business cards, cards from floral gifts.
Box 372

F. Greeting cards.

Christmas and holiday cards.
Box 373-374
Sympathy cards.
Box 375
Birthday, Easter, and general cards.
Box Box 376

G. Stamps.

Stamps, first day covers.
Box 377
Stamps and envelopes.
Box 378-381
Includes a few with notes in MA's hands, some saved for stamps, some for addresses.

H. Personal memorabilia, 3-dimensional objects.

25th Wedding anniversary silver cross.
Box 382
Printers plates for Christmas card, personal stationery.
Box 383
Silver bowl, gift from Muncie, Indiana.
Box 384
Memorabilia, sewing.
Box 385
Miscellaneous small items.
6 items
Box 386
Includes ceramic dish, skeleton key, faux earrings, round black lacquer box, key chain, silver notepad holder.
Box 387
South Philadelphia High School for Girls, 1943; Philadelphia High School for Girls, 1947; St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, Ind., 1957.
Papier mache mask of Marian Anderson.
Box 388
Marian Anderson doll.
Box 389
Bends and bows at waist.
Marian Anderson's black feather fan, with watch in handle.
Box 389
Bible, gift of New York Bible Society, 30 November 1958.
Box 390
Marian Anderson's wallet.
Box 390
Name imprinted on wallet, Lincoln stamps in pocket.
Memorabilia on African-American history.
Box 391
Gifts to Anderson.
Box 392
Print from India, Scarf from Japan.
Gifts to Anderson.
Box 393
Original artwork, prints, some signed by artists.
Framed publicity flyer, n.d.
Box 394
Drawing of Marian Anderson for Lyric Theatre, Baltimore,
Photographs of Marian Anderson, ca. 1935
2 items
Box 395
Mounted on wood.
Photograph of Marian Anderson
Box 396
With unidentified baby, framed, gift of Jeanne Holmquist.
Portrait of Marian Anderson
Box 397
Framed, gift of Harmon and Juanita Edwards.
Photographs taken of artwork of Marian Anderson.
Box 398
Graduation hoods received by Marian Anderson at degree ceremonies.
Box 399-400

I. Scrapbooks.

1. Memorabilia and scrapbooks -- Alyse Anderson
    Address cards.
    Box 401
    Probably kept by Alyse Anderson, appears to be a Philadelphia voting list.
    Alyse Anderson memorabilia.
    Box 402
    Alyse Anderson scrapbook of greeting cards and get well cards, ca. 1953.
    Box 403
2. Scrapbooks -- Marion Anderson
    Scrapbook of reviews, Warsaw, Poland, January, February, November 1935.
    Box 404
    Gift from Kola.
    Scrapbooks of clippings, 1936, 1936, 1937.
    3 items
    Box 405
    Scrapbook. 1937.
    Box 406
    Fragile, not for public use. Photocopy shelved with original.
    Hurok Concerts scrapbook, December 1935-December 1938.
    Box 407
    Hurok Concerts scrapbook, 1936-1940.
    Box 408
    Hurok Concerts scrapbook, 1940-1942.
    Box 409
    Scrapbook, photographs, programs, clippings, 1937-1944.
    Box 410
    Guest book, 9 April 1939
    Box 411
    Reception for Lincoln Memorial Concert [?]
    Photocopy of dissassembled scrapbook, Lincoln Memorial Concert correspondence, ca. 1939-1943.
    Box 412
    Original items are filed in General Correspondence.
    Scrapbook, not bound, clippings 1937-1938.
    Box 413
    Scrapbook, 1940s.
    Box 414
    Scrapbook, leather bound, 1939-1949.
    Box 415
    Scrapbook of holiday cards, some correspondence, 1930s-1940s.
    Box 416
    Scrapbooks, holiday cards, 1940-1945.
    Box 417
    2 items.
    Hurok Concerts Scrapbook, 1942-1944.
    Box 418
    Hurok Concerts Scrapbook, 1945-1946.
    Box 419
    Scrapbook of photos of Tougalou College, Miss. 21 October 1941.
    Box 420
    Gift to Marian Anderson.
    Scrapbook from Oberlin College, 1958.
    Box 420
    Anniversary convocation, Marian Anderson receiving honorary degree, photographs.
    Scrapbook compiled by Thelma Taylor, 1944.
    Box 421
    Scrapbook, clippings, unbound, ca. 1951.
    Box 422
    Box 423
    Gift of the Free Library of Philadelphia,
    3 vol., marked Book 1, Book 2, and Book 4.
    Scrapbook, photographs taken in Tokyo, Japan, May 1953.
    Box 424
    Gift of RCA Victor.
    Scrapbook, photographs taken in Madras, India, November 1957.
    Box 425
    Scrapbook, photographs taken in Pusan, September 1957.
    Box 426
    Scrapbooks from Far Eastern tour
    Box 427
    Korea, Bombay, and Hong Kong, with clippings, programs, and photographs. 3 items.
    Scrapbook, Gift from John F. Kennedy Memorial, Korea, 1964.
    Box 427
    Scrapbook, clippings, 1960-1962.
    Box 428
    Scrapbook, Rose Hills Memorial Park, Presentation of the Marion Anderson Rose, October 8, 1963.
    Box 429
    Includes Photographs, some in color, clippings and correspondence.
    Scrapbook, Marian Anderson visit to Columbus School, Berkeley, Calif, March 1964.
    Box 429
    Includes 1 photograph, clippings, comments from children.
    Scrapbook, Tulane University, Tulane Arts Series, May 1968.
    Box 430
    Scrapbook, Salute to American Bicentennial, 1976.
    Box 431
    Gift from National Children's Home, London, England.
    Scrapbook, photographs from Marian Anderson Recreation Center, Philadelphia, Pa., 3 June 1989.
    Box 432
    Ethel De Preist, honored guest.
    Scrapbook compiled by Thomas Wooten, admirer.
    Box 433
    Scrapbook compiled by Thomas Wooten, admirer.
    Box 434
    Scrapbook compiled by Eleanor Peters, friend and admirer, Vol. 1, 1935-1965.
    Box 435
    Scrapbook compiled by Eleanor Peters, Vol. 2, 1965-1970.
    Box 436
    Scrapbook compiled by Eleanor Peters, Vol. 3, 1970-1979.
    Box 437

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