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Series II. Marian Anderson Speeches, Writings, Scripts, Interviews, and Biographical Materials

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Marian Anderson wrote in a clear, large, rounded hand. This series includes a few of her drafts for speeches she made on special occasions, but, for the most part, her writings and speeches were the work of Hurok Concerts' publicists, Gerald Goode and Barry Hyams. The scripts that were prepared for her broadcasts and public appearances are of particular interest for studies of the development of radio and television. Articles about Marian Anderson and biographical materials, including interviews, have been grouped together. Magazines in Series V contains additional articles, and in some cases, the published versions of drafts in this series. Anderson's autobiography, My Lord, What a Morning (1956) was written by Howard Taubman and based on interviews he conducted with Anderson (see Ms. Coll. 201). In this series are found the typescript and galleys for the book with some corrections in Marian Anderson's hand. The remainder of this series comprises newsletters and typed and printed materials sent to Anderson, many from African-American organizations.

A. Speeches, Writings, Scripts, Interviews, and Biographical Materials.

1 box

Includes articles "by Marian Anderson," although some were prepared by Hurok's staff, and speeches drafted or read by Anderson.

1. Articles "by Marian Anderson" many written or edited by Hurok's publicity staff.
    "By Herself" n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7599
    Excerpt from interview by Rose Heylbut for Etude.
    "The Creative Arts." n.d. by Michael Sweeley
    Box 135
    Folder 7600
    "Easter Sunday 1939." 1974
    Box 135
    Folder 7601
    "Music and Faith." n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7602
    ["My Most Memorable Christmas"] n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7603
    "My Most Memorable Stadium Concert." 1952
    Box 135
    Folder 7604
    "This is My America." n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7605
    "We Remember Asia." n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7606
    "What Spirituals Mean to Me." 1962
    Box 135
    Folder 7607
    For Readers Digest.
    "Who Could Ask For More?" n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7608
2. Speeches, drafts for speeches.
Arranged chronologically.
    Draft of speech to the Danish people. n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7609
    Dec. 1933
    Speech of introduction for the souvenir recording of M.A.'s concert at the Roosevelt White House for the King and Queen of Great Britain, 8 June 1939.
    Box 135
    Folder 7610
    Tribute to Jean Sibelius. ca. 1951
    Box 135
    Folder 7611
    "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7612
    ca. 195?
    Speech for World Affairs Center dinner, 30 September, (1958?)
    Box 135
    Folder 7613
    Speech for United Nations Reception hosted by M.A. 20 October 1958
    Box 135
    Folder 7614
    Statement to the General Assembly of the United Nations. 4 November 1958
    Box 135
    Folder 7615
    Statement on the report of the Trusteeship Council of the United Nations. 5 November 1958
    Box 135
    Folder 7616
    Speech to American National Red Cross, Greenwich chapter. 17 April 1962
    Box 135
    Folder 7617
    Convocation address at Queen's University (Kingston, Ont.) on the subject of Eleanor Roosevelt. 10 December 1962.
    Box 135
    Folder 7618
    Tribute to Jean Sibelius. 28 July 1964
    Box 135
    Folder 7619
    Speech to University Musical Society, University of Michigan. 15 December 1964
    Box 135
    Folder 7620
    Speech for Memorial Day services at Hyde Park, N.Y. 30 May 1969
    Box 135
    Folder 7621
    "Challenge of Change" 1970
    Box 135
    Folder 7622
    Speech written by Hayes-Williams.
    "The miracle most needed...is understanding." 12 January 1970
    Box 135
    Folder 7623
    "People ask me..." January 1970
    Box 135
    Folder 7624
    Speech written by John Molleson.
    "In a few weeks another of our rockets..." February 1970.
    Box 135
    Folder 7625
    Speech written by John Molleson.
    Commentary to music educators. 20 March 1970.
    Box 135
    Folder 7626
    Remarks on UNICEF dolls. n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7627
    "First allow me to put you at ease..." n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7628
    "The measure of success" n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7629
    "Standing here, speaking to you today are Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt..." n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7630
    "To young people" n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7631
    Unidentified notes for speeches.
    Box 135
    Folder 7632
3. Speeches of welcome, introduction, and speeches read by Anderson.
Arranged alphabetically by author.
    Agrawala, Shri R. N. Welcome speech, Azad Park, New Delhi.1957
    Box 135
    Folder 7633
    Ben-Dov, David. Speech introducing MA. 22 March 1970
    Box 135
    Folder 7634
    Boucher, Gene. Speech introducing MA to Allen Iron Workers. 14 May 1983
    Box 135
    Folder 7635
    Grasso, Ella. Speech introducing MA. n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7636
    Kim Hak-sang. Seoul National University. "An Unforgettable Emotion." 1957
    Box 135
    Folder 7637
    MacLeish, Archibald. Speech for dedication of the Eleanor Roosevelt Wings of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library. 3 May 1972
    Box 135
    Folder 7638
    Read by MA.
4. Interviews
Includes transcriptions and/or notes. Does not include interviews related to articles, which are filed with the completed articles in Folders 7698-7787 (Section II, Subseries C).
    Farewell tour interview with Francis Robinson of the Metropolitan Opera. 1965
    Box 135
    Folder 7639
    Marian Anderson. Sept. 10 1941. Interview notes.
    Box 135
    Folder 7640
    Interview questions on note paper. n.d.
    Box 135
    Folder 7641

B. Scripts for radio, television performances, personal appearances, and proposed films or appearances.

2 boxes
1. Scripts for radio, television, and personal appearances.
    Bell Telephone Hour (Radio program). Scripts and programs. 1942-1969
    Box 136
    Folder 7642-7645
    Berkeley Square Enterprises. "Teeny" with Marian Anderson : a fable with music. n.d.
    Box 136
    Folder 7646
    Bucky, Frida Sarsen. Scripts for "Snoopycat" and "Sniffy" n.d.
    Box 136
    Folder 7647-7648
    CBS inc. Chrysler Corporation radio program. Script. 27 Sept. 1945
    Box 136
    Folder 7649
    CBS Television network. "The Lady from Philadelphia : through Asia with Marian Anderson." 30 December 1957
    Box 136
    Folder 7650
    CBS Television network. "S. Hurok Presents." 31 March 1966-4 April 1966, drafts.
    Box 136
    Folder 7651-7652
    CBS Television network. "A Woman's Place" YWCA 100th anniversary show. 1969
    Box 136
    Folder 7653
    Dance Theatre of Harlem. "The evolution of an idea." 22 April 1975
    Box 136
    Folder 7654
    Script by Karel Shook.
    Dance Theatre of Harlem. "His love is everlasting." 25 March 1978
    Box 136
    Folder 7655
    Script by Karel Shook.
    Dillon, Jane. "Famous Mothers." 1945
    Box 136
    Folder 7656
    Ford Motor Co. "Ford Anniversary Show." n.d.
    Box 136
    Folder 7657
    Greene, Felix. "One tenth of a nation." n.d.
    Box 136
    Folder 7658
    Hanna Barbera. "My Lord, what a morning, the story of Marian Anderson." 1969
    Box 136
    Folder 7659
    Script for proposed television show.
    Holt, Peter. "The memoirs of Marian Anderson." 1946
    Box 136
    Folder 7660
    Script for radio for United States Army Broadcasting Depot Company.
    Institute for Cultural Exchange thru Photography. Script for narrator, human rights article on "Work." 1968
    Box 136
    Folder 7661
    Lemon, Harriet Wright. "Steps to freedom." n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7662
    Loew's Incorporated. "Marian Anderson." 1942
    Box 137
    Folder 7663
    Script for proposed film.
    Lutheran hour (Radio program). "Bringing Christ to the nations." Script. 1960
    Box 137
    Folder 7664
    Minute for peace (Radio program). Script. n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7665
    National Broadcasting Co. Swift garden hour (Radio program). Script. 1931
    Box 137
    Folder 7666
    National Broadcasting Co. National music awards. 1948
    Box 137
    Folder 7667
    National Broadcasting Co. "World's Fair Special." Script for television. March 1964
    Box 137
    Folder 7668
    Organisation Nicholas Behars. "Tobie" film synopsis. 1949
    Box 137
    Folder 7669
    Philadelphia Fellowship Commission. "The story of Marian Anderson." 1945
    Box 137
    Folder 7670
    Script for radio program, "Within our gates, " WFIL radio Philadelphia.
    Philadelphia Public Schools. "Marian Anderson" by Ruth A. Scott. 1944-1945.
    Box 137
    Folder 7671-7672
    Script for radio program titled "Harmony at Home."
    Radio Corporation of America. "The Music you want when you want it." Script for radio. 1940
    Box 137
    Folder 7673
    Radio Corporation of America. "The Music America loves best." Script for radio. 1944 n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7674
    Radio Reader's Digest (Radio program). "Over Jordan." 1942 n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7675
    Schachner, Alice Richman. "Marian Anderson at seventy." 1972 n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7676
    Tahse, Martin. Film proposal. 1978
    Box 137
    Folder 7677
    United Nations Association. "Text for Human Rights." Script for dramatic reading. 1968
    Box 137
    Folder 7678
    Voice of America (Radio program). 1978, n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7679-7681
    "Marian Anderson interview." n.d.
    "Script #4." n.d.
    "A Portrait of Marian Anderson." 1978.
    Walter F. Bennett & Co. "An American Christmas." Proposal for television special. 1978
    Box 137
    Folder 7682
    Whorf, Michael. "They walked in darkness." Script for narrator. n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7683
    Wide Wide World. "A Woman's story : a visit with some great American women." Script for proposed television sequence. NBC. 1956-1957
    Box 137
    Folder 7684
2. Unidentified scripts and readings for events.
    "Broadcast, 9 January 1942."
    Box 137
    Folder 7685
    "A Declaration of Interdependence." n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7686
    "He was not named Solomon for nothing..." 8 March 1974.
    Box 137
    Folder 7687
    For an occasion in honor of Sol Hurok.
    "I am an American." n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7688
    "Ingrid Bergman sequence." n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7689
    "Marian Anderson." n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7690
    With Tex and Guest.
    "Musical Life in America" 1945
    Box 137
    Folder 7691
    In French, Italian, Spanish, radio scripts for Voice of America?.
    "New Year's Greeting from Marian Anderson." n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7692
    In Swedish, 1948-1949?
    "Once in a hundred years." n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7693
    "Psalm 137." n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7694
    Television script re cats. n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7695
    Unidentified scripts. n.d.
    Box 137
    Folder 7696-7697

C. Biographical sketches, articles, obituaries and tributes.

2 boxes

Arranged alphabetically by author or corporate heading.

Includes manuscript, typescript, and printed articles. Some are written for children. Researchers should be aware that many of these contain inaccurate dates and information.

Aaron Davis Hall. Marian Anderson Tribute at the dedication of the Marian Anderson Theatre, City College of N.Y. 1994
Box 138
Folder 7698
Aarons, Leroy F. "A Great Lady Sings Her Final Farewell." ca. 1964
Box 138
Folder 7699
Anderson, Anna D. "As I look back upon..." n.d.
Box 138
Folder 7700
Typescript article about MA's childhood.
Baker, Kenisha. "Marian Anderson Treasures Found." University of Pennsylvania Almanac/Compass. 11 March, 1997
Box 138
Folder 7701
Breuer, Gustl. "Farewell to a Great Lady." RCA Victor International Post, vol. 2 no. 1 January 1965
Box 138
Folder 7702
Bronze Social Register. "Marian Anderson." 1964.
Box 138
Folder 7703
Biographical notes.
Chandler, Julia. "First Lady of Song." Offprint from the Christian Herald. n.d.
Box 138
Folder 7704
Clarke, Marjorie. "Marian Anderson." 1970
Box 138
Folder 7705
Biography for elementary school children for Thomas Y. Crowell, Co.
Coleman, Emily. Untitled biographical article. ca. 1964-1965
Box 138
Folder 7706
Connecticut. Register and Manual. "Marian Anderson." 1973
Box 138
Folder 7707
Current Biographies. American Education Publications. "Marian Anderson : Symbol in Song." 1958
Box 138
Folder 7708
Current Biography, "Anderson, Marian", vol. 1, no 5, (May 1940), ; vol 11, no. 4, (April 1950).
Box 138
Folder 7709
Includes 2 copies of May 1950 issue.
Daniel, Lee A. "Still, Invisible..." 1993
Box 138
Folder 7710
Dannett, Sylvia G. L. 1909-. Untitled biography. 1964-1966
Box 138
Folder 7711-7712
1964 draft for the Negro Heritage Library, Profiles of Negro Womanhood II. Educational Heritage. 1966. Includes 1966 corrections to ms.
De Preist, James. "Hearing Her One Wept." 1993
Box 138
Folder 7713-7714
New York Times obituary. 8 April 1993. Draft of obituary. Draft of remarks at Carnegie Hall Memorial Service for Marian Anderson, 7 June 1993.
Dick, Ellen A. "Marian Anderson : an index to articles in the Musical Courier 1924-1961." Chicago Public Library. 1980
Box 138
Folder 7715
Diton, Carl R. "Additional Facts about Marian Anderson, contralto." n.d.
Box 138
Folder 7716
Probably 1930s.
Dobrin, Arnold. "Marian Anderson" ca 1971
Box 138
Folder 7717-7718
Biography for young people, to be published in Voices of Joy, Voices of Freedom, Coward McCann. 1971.
Embree, Edwin Rogers. "Deep River of Song, Marian Anderson." 1942
Box 138
Folder 7719
Ericson, Howard Carl. "Marian Anderson, superb singer." n.d.
Box 138
Folder 7720
Eye Gate House. "Image Makers." 1968
Box 138
Folder 7721
Biographical filmstrip.
France, Beulah. "God's Great Gift." 1964
Box 138
Folder 7722
Gee, Bruce. Interview with Marian Anderson at Winnipeg Auditorium. 27 November 1964
Box 138
Folder 7723
Gethsemane 84, inc. Partial interview by Wendell B. Harris for Black Biography. Finished biography "The gift of Marian Anderson." 1981-1982.
Box 138
Folder 7724
Goode, Gerald. "Easter Sunday, 1939: A Memoir." n.d.
Box 138
Folder 7725
Hurok Concerts, Inc. publicist.
Gordon, E. Harrison. "Marian Anderson" 1973-1976 n.d.
Box 138
Folder 7726
For his Black Classical Musicians of the Twentieth Century.
Gray, Virginia. "Artist of the month." n.d.
Box 138
Folder 7727
Greene, David M. "A concert/lecture on Marian Anderson." Lehigh University. 1993
Box 138
Folder 7728
Guideposts. "Grace before greatness." 1953 n.d.
Box 138
Folder 7729
Harvey, Mary Kersey. Interview and article for McCall's. 1966.
Box 138
Folder 7730-7731
Hawkins, William. "Marian Anderson Says Farewell." Musical America. September 1964
Box 138
Folder 7732
Hefley, James C. "Marian Anderson-Christian Contralto." 1965.
Box 138
Folder 7733
Typescript for Sunday Digest.
Heylbut, Rose. "Some Reflections on Singing by Marian Anderson distinguished American contralto, a conference secured expressly for The Etude. " 1939.
Box 138
Folder 7734
Hyams, Barry. "Ave Marian."
Box 138
Folder 7735
Hurok Concerts publicist.
Iglauer. "Interview with Marian Anderson at Mill Brook [sic] Connecticut." June 28, 1941.
Box 138
Folder 7736
Johnson Products Company. "Great Beautiful Black Women." 1978.
Box 138
Folder 7737
Keiler, Allan. "Marian Anderson, 100th Birthday Tribute." 27 February 1997.
Box 138
Folder 7738
Biographical sketch in Carnegie Hall program.
Kimbrough, Emily. "My life in a white world" September 1960
Box 138
Folder 7739
Interview with MA for Ladies Home Journal.
Lander, David. "Aunt Marian : the internationally acclaimed conductor James De Preist remembers his aunt, the great singer Marian Anderson." American Legacy, Fall 1996
Box 138
Folder 7740
Larkin, Kathy and Weller, Helen. "Precious Moments, Why I Love You, Mom'." n.d.
Box 138
Folder 7741
McManus, Margaret. "Marian Anderson." in Providence Sunday Journal TV Weekly. 25 December 1960.
Box 138
Folder 7742
Maloney, James H. "A Memorial Tribute to Marian Anderson during Black History Month." Congressional Record Vol. 143, no. 17, 11 February 1997.
Box 138
Folder 7743
With proposed bill H.R. 864, the "Marian Anderson Centennial Commemorative Coin Act."
Manners, Dian. "Musical Mannerisms" 1946.
Box 138
Folder 7744
Marian Anderson biographical sketch in Now. January 1946.
Mathews, Marcia M. "Marian Anderson" 1973 n.d.
Box 138
Folder 7745
Biography for young children for Garrard Publishers.
Morgan, Edward P. "Marian Anderson." 1961
Box 138
Folder 7746
From The Challenge of Ideas, Odyssey Press.
Nepomnyashchiy, Abram E. Interview with Marian Anderson. 31 October 1958
Box 139
Folder 7747
Carbon copy from United States Dept. of State.
Newman, Shirlee. Biography of Marian Anderson for young people, age 12 and older. 1965
Box 139
Folder 7748-7753
Outline and typed drafts.
Osmond, Susan Fegley. "Marian Anderson : Anchored in the Lord." 1997
Box 139
Folder 7754
In World and I, February 1997.
Peters, H. M. "The Day I Met Marian Anderson." 1961.
Box 139
Folder 7755
Piquion, Rene and Brierre, Jean F. "Marian Anderson" n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7756
Pamphlet published by Henri Deschamps, Port-au-Prince, for the bicentennial of Port-au-Prince, in French.
Potter, Charles E. "Marian Anderson -- Ambassador Extraordinary" 25 March 1958
Box 139
Folder 7757
Speech given in the Senate. Offprint from Congressional Record, 85th session.
Prilook, Marion. "Marian Anderson remembers the Met." News-Times (Danbury, Conn.) 28 May 1966
Box 139
Folder 7758
Ramos, Lilia. "Marian Anderson, Ser Humano de Rara Excelsitud." 1953
Box 139
Folder 7759
Pamphlet published by Editorial la Republica, San Jose, Costa Rica, in Spanish.
Reasons, George and Patrick, Sam. "They Had a Dream." n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7760
Runbeck, Margaret Lee. "Temple of Song" n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7761
Chapter from her book Answer Without Ceasing.
Rupp, Franz. "25 Years with Marian Anderson." n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7762
Seemungal, Rupert P. "Marian Anderson." 1964
Box 139
Folder 7763
Sengupta, Padmin Sathianadhan. "The Message of a Singer." 1958
Box 139
Folder 7764
Sheean, Vincent. Liner notes for RCA Victor albums. n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7765
"The Voice of the American Soul"
"To Say Farewell to Marian Anderson"
Shenker, Israel. "Marian Anderson" 1976
Box 139
Folder 7766
Transcribed interview and draft of article for American Heritage.
Seidl, Steven E. "A Happy Song." n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7767
Biography for elementary school readers.
Southington. No title. n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7768
Steffen, Mary Samuel. "Profiled by His Word" 1969
Box 139
Folder 7769
In Divine Word Messenger. March-April 1969.
Stoddard, Hope. "Famous American Women." 1969
Box 139
Folder 7770
Biography of Marian Anderson for schools, published by Thomas Y. Crowell Co.
Story, Rosalyn M. Book proposal, "The Life and Art of Marian Anderson." n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7771
Stratton, Madeline. "Marian Anderson, concert artist" 1964 n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7772
For Negroes who helped build America, a text for elementary and junior high schools, Ginn and Company.
Taubman, Howard. Anderson debut . n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7773
Re 1935 Town Hall concert. See Ms. Coll. 201 for Taubman interviews with Marian Anderson.
Thompson, Mary Helen. "Black History Week -- Marian Anderson." Boston Sunday Globe. Interview. 10 February 1974n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7774
Tiscornia, Eduardo. "Marian Anderson" 1938 n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7775
In Caras Y Caretas, Buenos Aires, August 1938. English translation, typescript.
Tobias, Tobi. "Marian Anderson." 1970
Box 139
Folder 7776
Biography for elementary schools for Thomas Y. Crowell Company.
Turner, Patricia. "Afro-American Singers: an index..." n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7777
A discography.
United States. Delegation to the General Assembly of the United Nations. MA biography. September 1958
Box 139
Folder 7778
Walker, Gerald. "My Most Memorable Christmas." 1961-1962.
Box 139
Folder 7779
Waters, Don. "The Fishers of Marianna Farm." September 1969.
Box 139
Folder 7780
For County.
Weyl, Celeste. "Tolerance." 1939
Box 139
Folder 7781
White, Alvin E. "Magnificent Marian Anderson." Evening Gazette, Worcester. 16 April 1981
Box 139
Folder 7782
Wood, Ellen. "Bio-bibliography: Marian Anderson."
Box 139
Folder 7783
University of Arizona, Graduate Library School. 6 May 1975.
Wooten, Thomas M. Three biographical writings. 1956-1964n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7784-7786
Journal excerpt, 1956-1958.
"An Afternoon with Marian Anderson, " 1960.
"Marian Anderson Sings Farewell Recital in Clowes Memorial Hall, " 1964.
The World of Music. MA biography. n.d.
Box 139
Folder 7787
Unidentified biographical sketches and data.
Box 139
Folder 7788-7796

D. Typescript, My Lord, What a Morning.

2 boxes.

Includes typescript and galleys for the book with some corrections in Marian Anderson's hand. Sound tapes and typed transcripts of the interviews conducted by Howard Taubman, ghostwriter of My Lord, What a Morning are cataloged separately as Ms. Coll. 201.

Typescript, carbon copy with corrections in MA's hand, Chapters 2-28.
Box 140
Folder 7797-7809
Missing Chapters 1 and 26.
Typescript, original, copy-edited, Chapters 1-28.
Box 140
Folder 7810-7822
Typescript, marked for printer, Chapters 1-28.
Box 141
Folder 7823-7836
Page proofs, bound, with some corrections in MA's hand.
Box 141
Folder 7837

E. School textbooks which feature Marian Anderson biographies.

1 box, 3 items
DocuDrama by Philip C. Lewis.
Box 142
"So All May Sing, " pp. 38-65.
Negroes Who Helped Build America by Madeline Stratton. Ginn & Co., 1965.
Box 142
"Marian Anderson, Concert Artist, " pp. 100-107.
Women in America, Ideals Publishing Corp., 1975.
Box 142
MA, pp. 70-71.

F. Serials and materials from organizations.

4 boxes

Includes no correspondence.

Newsletters/serials, A-Z.
Box 143
Folder 7838-7879
Organizations, A-F.
Box 144
Folder 7880-7909
Organizations, H-N.
Box 145
Folder 7909-7929
Organizations, P-Y.
Box 146
Folder 7930-7956

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