Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Henry Charles Lea Papers: Oversize

Civil War Scrapbooks

Box 193
Box 194: War Records. 1861-1865. [on cover]. Newspaper clippings. Maps of ports, battles and fortifications drawn to explain the progress of the Civil War. Bound, mounted on acid paper, fragile.

Box 195: Excerpts on the War. 1862-1866. [on cover]. Newspaper clippings beginning with 1862. Bound, mounted on acid paper. Fragile.

Political Reform

Box 196: HCL notes and materials on public buildings.

Box 197

Political Reform--Memorials and Petitions

Box 197
Box 198: The Right Way. Weekly. Vol. 1, No. 1-7, and some duplicate copies. Saturday, August 31, 1872-Saturday, October 12, 1872. Published by Henry C. Lea to attack municipal corruption and the gas ring. Illustrated with satirical cartoons.

Box 199

Personal Memorabilia

Box 200

Miscellaneous Oversize

Box 201: HCL drawings and sketches including illustrations for scientific publications in conchology.

Box 202

Diplomas and Membership Certificates

Box 203

Lea Home Container List

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