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Agnes Repplier Papers - Memorabilia

Box 5, Folder 173: Repplier Memorabilia, 1909-1934, n.d.: clippings, photographs, etc. (8 items; 8 l. plus 3 photographs)

Box 5, Folder 174: Repplier Memorabilia, 1924-1948, n.d.: clippings, gifts to Agnes Repplier, pamphlets (25 items; 38 l. plus 4 pamphlets)

Box 6: Books by Agnes Repplier, 2 items: Junipero Serra and Pere Marquette (Armed Services edition, condensed for wartime reading)

Box 7: Agnes Repplier notebooks, 5 items, 1897, 1927-1935, 1935-1939, n.d., and recipe book "Cooking notes," n.d.

Box 8: Emma Repplier Witmer notebooks, 6 items, ca. 1950- 1960s, n.d. (Note: some individual leaves of notes in Agnes Repplier's hand are stuck in the pages of these notebooks.

Box 9: Repplier family diaries and notebooks, 5 items: J. George Repplier notebook, "Odds and Ends," 1886-1889; "Sister's wedding gifts," n.d.; diary of Fannie Levy Repplier (Emma's mother), n.d.; transcript of diary of Fannie Levy Repplier, (40 l.); diary of a trip to France, n.d.

Box 10: Agnes Repplier Memorabilia, 10 items: 5 photographs of Agnes Repplier; 2 handmade, handpainted books of verse and drawings; 3 pamphlets printed privately by A. Edward Newton--"The Christmas Spirit" (1930), "Reflections on the Character of Madame Thrale Piozzi" (1921), and "John Mytton" (1924).

Box 11: Agnes Repplier Memorabilia, 3 items: Leather notebook covers belonging to Agnes Repplier.

Box 12: Agnes Repplier Memorabilia, 14 items (oversize): 11 photographs of Agnes Repplier and of her cats; etching of Agnes Repplier by Ada C. Williamson titled "Agnes Repplier 1922" (there are two original etchings and a proof of the destroyed plate.

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