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Lewis Mumford: A Bibliography

Lewis Mumford: A Bibliography
Edited by Elmer S. Newman
Revised Edition edited by Robert Wojtowicz

© Robert Wojtowicz, December 2000

Preface and Acknowledgments to the Revised Edition
A. Books and Pamphlets
B. Writings in Periodicals
C. Book Reviews
D. Writings in Co-operative Works or Works Edited by Others
E. Letters to the Editor
F. Prefaces, Forewords, Introductions, and Epilogues
G. Works Edited or Co-edited
H. Other Works
I. British Editions of Books
J. Foreign-Language Editions of Books
K. Published Collections of Letters

Watercolor, 1922, by Lewis Mumford of London's Crystal Palace, which was destroyed by fire in 1936
Gift of Jane Morley to the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, University of Pennsylvania

Of related interest: "How Lewis Mumford Saw Science, and Art, and Himself" by Paul Forman (published in Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences, v. 37, no. 2, pp. 271-336)