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Lewis Mumford: A Bibliography / H. Other Works

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Works Written in Collaboration with Others

H1 "Regional Planning."
Encyclopaedia Britannica. 14th edition. London: Encyclopaedia Britannica Co., Ltd., 1929. XIX, 71-72.

Benton MacKaye is co-author of this article.

H2 "Townless Highways for the Motorist."
Harper's Magazine, CLXIII (August 1931), 347-56.

Benton MacKaye is co-author of this essay.

Excerpted under the title "Predictions: Townless Highways" in Visions of Technology: A Century of Vital Debate About Machines, Systems and the Human World. Edited by Richard Rhodes. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1999, 104-106.

H3 "Planned Community."
Architectural Forum, LVII (April 1933), 253-54.

Article signed by Mumford and six others as members of the Committee on Housing Exhibition, Clarence S. Stein, chairman."Planned Community."

H4 The Fair of the Future, 1939; Social Theme, Physical Concept, Design Organization, Summary.
Submitted by the Committee formed at the dinner at the City Club, Wednesday, December 11, 1935. Michael Meredith Hare, Secretary. [New York]: Office of the Secretary, [1936]. 23p. (Mimeographed.)

Mumford was a member of the Committee submitting the report.

Congressional Testimony

H5 U.S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Government Operations. Federal Role in Urban Affairs. Hearings before a Subcommittee on Executive Reorganization, 90th Cong., 1st sess., April 20-21, 1967, part 17, pp. 3595-3625.

Mumford's formal statement, but not the question and answer period that followed, included in the collection of Mumford's essays, The Urban Prospect (1968), with the title "A Brief History of Urban Frustration."

Film Commentary

H6 The City.
Produced by American Institute of Planners with a grant from the Carnegie Corporation, 1939.
Major part of commentary written by Lewis Mumford; narrated by Morris Carnovsky.
Musical score by Aaron Copland.
Photographed and directed by Ralph Steiner and Willard Van Dyke.
31 minutes, black and white.

Excerpts from Mumford's commentary published in Architectural Review, LXXXVI (August 1939), 93-94.

H7 Lewis Mumford on the City.
Based on Mumford's book, The City in History (1961).
Produced and written by Ian MacNeill for the National Film Board of Canada, 1963.
Released in the United States by Sterling Educational Films, 1964.
Narrated in part by Lewis Mumford.
In six parts, each 28 minutes, black and white:

Part 1. The City: Heaven and Hell.

Part 2. The City: Cars or People?

Part 3. The City and Its Region.

Part 4. The Heart of the City.

Part 5. The City as Man's Home.

Part 6. The City and the Future.

Audiotaped Lectures

H7.1 Thoughts on Urbanization.
by Lewis Mumford.
Los Angeles. Pacifica Tape Library, 1961.
Cassette 2 1/2 x 4 inches.
Duration 32 minutes.

H7.2 Apology to Henry Adams.
by Lewis Mumford.
Los Angeles. Pacifica Tape Library, 1970.
Cassette 2 1/2 x 4 inches.
Duration 69 minutes.

H7.3 Authoritarian and Democratic Technics.
by Lewis Mumford with commentary by Hyman Rickover.
Santa Barbara, California. Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, 1972.
Cassette 2 1/2 x 4 inches. Reel 5 inch, 3 3/4 ips.
Duration 54 minutes, 20 seconds.
Recorded in 1963.

H7.4 Lewis Mumford: An Interview with the Modern Visionary.
North Hollywood, California. Center for Cassette Studies, 1973.
Cassette 2 1/2 x 4 inches.
Duration 26 minutes.


H8 "Modern Interior."
Survey, LV (November 15, 1925), 192.

H9 "Skyscrapers of the Future."
Survey, LV (December 15, 1925), 336.

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