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Lewis Mumford: A Bibliography / Preface

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My aim in compiling this bibliography has been to organize and present a complete record of the work of Lewis Mumford in all its published forms, e.g., books and pamphlets, letters to the editor, book reviews. A few incidental items have been omitted. I have selected a number of categories, according to the various forms of his work, and listed each citation in its appropriate place. As the work of writers as wide-ranging as Mumford does not always fit into neat classifications, I have added prefatory notes to some categories to explain their scope. The arrangement in each category is chronological; this seemed a natural form to follow as it suggests the direction of Mumford's thought and the concentration of his interest.

Many of Mumford's articles and other writings, particularly after 1945, have been reprinted in periodicals and books. I have not attempted to cite every publication where such reprints have appeared. But, in some instances, I have listed periodicals and books where reprints have been published. I did this when I felt an additional listing would make an article or other work more readily available, as in the case where it originally appeared in a publication of limited circulation or availability. I have tried to cite, in all instances, the publication where each work originally appeared. Where an article or other work, originally published in a periodical or book, was later included in a collection of Mumford's essays and other writings, I have added a note to the citation giving the title of the collection where the work can be found.

Although it was not my purpose to compile an annotated bibliography, I have added explanatory notes to a number of entries. I did this in order to give a fuller identification to an item where I felt this was needed.

I hope that this bibliography will assist and encourage specialists and generalists alike to look more closely at the work of Lewis Mumford and to evaluate his more than half a century of creative effort.

November 1970

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