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The Brontës: 1820
Haworth Parsonage, Haworth, West Yorkshire (Part 1)

The Haworth Parsonage in Church Street, Haworth, West Yorkshire, was built ca. 1778-9. Beyond the house is rough pastureland and then high moorland stretches westward toward the Lancashire border.

In the Brontës's day a perimeter wall surrounded the house, front garden and backyard, and small trees and bushes bordered the garden. The churchyard lay to the east of the house, and the front windows, facing east, had the benefit of morning light and a clear view toward Brow Moor. Within the house, the square dining room to the left of the front door was the Brontë sisters' usual sitting room and their sanctum for discussing the plots of their novels.

At present, the house has been restored as far as possible to its appearance in the Brontës's day.

Brontë parsonage, Haworth, West Yorkshire [15 April 1983]

Brontë parsonage tablet, Haworth, West Yorkshire [15 April 1983]

Sundial, Brontë parsonage, Haworth, West Yorkshire [15 April 1983]

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