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The Brontës: 1824
Cowan Bridge, Lancashire

The Clergy Daughters' School in the hamlet of Cowan Bridge, Stansbury, Lancashire was founded by the Reverend W. Carus Wilson in January 1824. Maria Brontë, aged 10, and Elizabeth Brontë, aged 9, were enrolled there in July 1824. Charlotte Brontë, aged 8, was enrolled in August 1824, and Emily Brontë, aged 6, in November 1824.

Discipline at the school was strict and included public beatings and the wearing of “untidy badges.” Food was often contaminated and rancid, and there was an outbreak of “low fever” (typhus) in 1825. Maria and Elizabeth died of consumption soon after they left the school in 1825.

Clergy Daughters' School, Cowan Bridge, Lancashire (Lowood School in Jane Eyre) [3 May 1985]

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