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The Brontës: 1831
Midfield, West Yorkshire

Roe Head, Midfield was located 20 miles from Haworth, and had been run as a girls' boarding school by Margaret Wooler since 1830. The school had only ten pupils, all daughters of the new manufacturing families that figure so prominently in Charlotte Brontë's Shirley.

Charlotte Brontë attended the school as a pupil from January 1831 to June 1832, and then returned as a teacher from July 1835 to December 1838. Emily attended the school in 1835 until she was replaced by Anne, who stayed until the end of 1837. Their fees were paid by Charlotte's teaching.

Many of the Brontës's drawings and paintings made at Roe Head are still extant.

Miss Wooler's School at Roehead, north of Midfield, West Yorkshire [18 April 1986]

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