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The Brontës: 1854
Haworth, West Yorkshire

Reverend Arthur Bell Nicholls, who had been licensed to the curacy of Haworth in June 1845, had first professed his affection for Charlotte Brontë in December 1852, to the great disapproval of her father Reverend Patrick Brontë. Charlotte consequently refused him, and Nicholls left for a curacy at Kirk Smeaton near Pontefract. He continued to write to Charlotte, and while she initially did not respond to his letters, they gradually developed a clandestine correspondence, and met secretly whenever Nicholls stayed with the family of Reverend Joseph Brett Grant near Haworth. Patrick Brontë gradually though grudgingly increased his acquaintance with Nicholls and eventually consented to a marriage between him and Charlotte.

Charlotte Brontë was married to the Reverend Arthur Bell Nicholls in the Haworth Church of Saint Michael on 29 June 1854. She wore a simple white muslin dress with “delicate green embroidery, a lace mantle, and a white bonnet, trimmed with lace and a pale band of small flowers and leaves.”

Charlotte Brontë's wedding gown and the windows from Red House, Gomersal. [15 April 1983]

Fir trees by the Brontë Parsonage wall planted by Charlotte Brontë on her wedding day [20 April 1986]

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