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The Brontës: Graves, Memorials and Tablets (Part 2)

Branwell Brontë died on 24 September 1848 in Haworth, West Yorkshire.
Emily Jane Brontë died on 19 December 1848 in Haworth, West Yorkshire.
Anne Brontë died on 28 May 1849, in Scarborough, East Yorkshire.
Charlotte Brontë died on 31 March 1855 in Haworth, West Yorkshire.
Reverend Patrick Brontë died on 7 June 1861 in Haworth, West Yorkshire.

Memorial Brass to Emily and Charlotte Brontë, Church of Saint Michael, Haworth [Top image--19 April 1986; Middle image--15 April 1983; Bottom image--1 May 1985]

Elizabeth Branwell Memorial, Church of Saint Michael and all Angels, Haworth, West Yorkshire [Top image--6 October 1989; Bottom image--19 April 1986; Bottom image--21 September 1988]

Brontë Panel, 32 Cornhill, London; former site of publishers Smith, Eder & Co., carved panel commemorating the first visit of Charlotte and Anne to their publisher in 1848 [9 April 1985]

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