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Edgar Allan Poe: 1837
New York, New York

Edgar Allan Poe moved from Richmond to New York City in Feburary 1837, living first at 6th Avenue and Beverly Place, and then at 113½ Carmine Street. He would often take walks with his wife Virginia in the Old St John’s Graveyard located close by.

Edgar Allan Poe was treated for a head cold at the wedge-shaped Georgian Northern Dispensary building at 165 Waverly Street in 1837, the same year he moved to New York.

113½ Carmine Street, New York, New York [13 September 1953]

Northern Dispensary in Greenwich Village, New York, New York [23 June 1978]

Doorway of the Northern Dispensary, Greenwich Village, New York, New York [26 March 1954]

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