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Edgar Allan Poe: 1839
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Edgar Allan Poe was hired by William Evans Burton as an all-purpose assistant editor for Burton Gentleman’s Magazine in May 1839. The magazine published many of his works, including “The Man that Was Used Up” in August 1839, “The Fall of the House of Usher” in October 1839, “William Wilson” in November 1839, “Conversations of Eros and Charmion” in December 1839, and “Peter Pendulum” (later “The Business Man”) in February 1840. Burton did, however, refuse to publish some of Poe’s more inflammatory reviews.

In 1841, Burton sold the magazine to George Graham, who merged it with Atkinson’s Casket, calling it Graham’s Magazine.

The publisher’s office of Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine (later Graham’s Magazine) was located at the southeast corner of Dock and Moravian Streets, below Walnut Street in what is now Old City, Philadelphia.

The Merchant’s Exchange at Dock Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Top image--13 July 1986; Bottom image--12 April 1954]

Edgar Allan Poe visited Poe Valley in June 1839, in the belief that it was named after an ancestor, Daniel Poe or Poh. During this trip he met Helena Liddell—later Mrs. Jacob Weaver—and was credited with a romantic attachment for her.

Poe Valley, Pennsylvania [31 May 1970]

Poe Valley Lake, Pennsylvania [31 May 1970]

State Park sign Near Poe Valley, Pennsylvania [31 May 1970]

Site of Poe Mills, Pennsylvania [31 May 1970]

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