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Edgar Allan Poe: 1844
New York, New York

Edgar Allan Poe returned with his family to New York City on 6 April 1844, renting a room in a boarding house at 130 Greenwich Street. According to his correspondence, he and his family were well-fed by their landlady.

A month later, the Poes moved to the Brennan Farm at West 84th Street, staying there till August 1845. The street is now known as Edgar Allan Poe Street.

While staying at West 84th Street, Poe often spent time at Mount Tom at 84th St and Riverside Drive (now known as Riverside Park).

Home of Edgar Allan Poe, 130 Greenwich Street, New York, New York [16 July 1954]

Edgar Allan Poe House Plaque at 84th and Broadway, New York, New York [17 July 1954]

Poe mantel from his room in 84th & Broadway, now in Columbia University Library, New York, New York [21 July 1954]

Mount Tom, 84th Street and Riverside Drive, New York, New York [16 July 1954]

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