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Edgar Allan Poe: 1845
New York, New York and Washington, Georgia

From September 1845 to Feburary 1846, Edgar Allan Poe was living at another boarding house at 85 Amity Street, now known as West Third Street.

Home of Edgar Allan Poe, 85 West Third Street, New York, New York [Top image--3 September 1958; Bottom image--17 July 1954]

Anna C. Lynch was a poet and literary salon hostess who knew Edgar Allan Poe in New York in 1845. She was the writer of poems such as “Bones in the Desert,” “Farewell to Ole Bull,” “The Idea,” and “The Ideal Found,” some of which were praised by Poe.

Anna Lynch removed Poe from her guest list after she heard of Poe's contemptuous treatment of writer Elizabeth Fries Ellet.

Home of Anna C. Lynch, Poe Literary Group, 116 Waverly Place, New York, New York [17 July 1954]

Thomas Holley Chivers was a Georgia poet and Poe biographer. He met Edgar Allan Poe in 1845 and was the author of Life of Poe, which was published in 1852. Chivers also authored Conrad and Eudora (1834), basing his story on the same material Poe had used for the drama Politian.

Chivers offered Poe a permanent home in Georgia, but Poe refused. Chivers also openly detested Poe's alcoholism but nonetheless maintained their friendship.

Grave of Thomas Holley Chivers, Decatur Cemetery, Georgia [16 April 1955]

Thomas Holley Chivers Marker, Sandy Cross, Georgia [24 July 1966]

Thomas Holley Chivers Tree at Chapman Street and South Alexander Avenue, Washington, Georgia [24 September 1966]

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