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Print Collection 11: Atomic Age Collection Pamphlets

The catalogue includes pamphlets gathered from three private collections: the Wall Collection. The IDDS Collection and the Calvin Collection. Major Sir Patrick Wall (b.1916) was an ex-Royal Marines member of the British parliament with a special interest in defense. His library included numerous pro-bomb and pro-military titles identified in the catalogue.

The Institute of Defense and Disarmament Studies is a think-tank in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The titles in the collection deal mainly with the Space Defense Initiative, otherwise known as "Star Wars."

In addition, some material comes from the library of Professor Melvin Calvin, formerly of the University of California at Berkeley. Professor Calvin (1911-1997), a Noble Laureate in Chemistry, worked on the Manhattan Project purifying the uranium for the bomb. His collection includes material about the science of the bomb and information about his colleagues in the Manhattan project.

The concerned portion of the collection consists mainly of pamphlets . In addition there are 2 copies of The Times dating to August 7th and 8th of 1945. Chronologically, it ranges from the first impressions of the impacts and the effects of the Atomic Bomb at the end of WWII to anti-nuclear waste activism in the late 1990s.

Organization and arrangement:

  • 1) The main portion of the content is organized chronologically by year and alphabetically within each year
  • 2) Portions of the collection that are related to specific institutions, organizations or publications are grouped with each other alphabetically
  • 3)The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the publications directly related to it are organized into 3 separate boxes (again organized alphabetically)
  • 4) The last box in the collection contains undated items
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