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Print Collection 12: The Original Art

Though the Collection consists primarily of printed material, several included pieces are original ink and wash cartoons from British artist Bruce Bairnsfather and Dutch artist Louis Raemaekers. Like many popular wartime artists represented in the Collection, Bairnsfather and Raemaekers contributed their illustrations to periodicals as well as to the Allied propaganda effort during the war. The cartoons that can be found in the Collection in original form also appeared as posters, postcards and other reproductions. See more about the original art in the Collection.

Call number Title Artist Date Size (cm) Medium Notes
XS-059 Bombardement des côtes Belges Louis Dauphin Nov. 1915 33.1 x 25 Watercolor and pencil Canon, ship, bombardment
XS-060 La Tour Blanche Louis Dauphin 1916 33.2 x 24.9 Watercolor and pencil Tower in Salonique
XS-061 Alluls (?) Louis Dauphin Nov. 1916 25 x 33.2 Crayon Drawing of a soldier
XS-062 Le Quesnoy (nord)-L'Eglise/Combles (Somme)/L'Eglise Flaucourt (Somme)/Cappy-Somme Louis Dauphin Jan. 25, 1917 24.9 x 33.1 Watercolor and pencil Four sketches of buildings
XS-063 Vermilles près du Châtilly Louis Dauphin n.d. 33.2 x 25.1 Watercolor and pencil Muddy road, cemetery, marginal sketch
XS-064 Dunkerque Louis Dauphin Dec. 1916 24.8 x 33.1 Watercolor and pencil Lighthouse and two ships, sketches
XS-065 Dunkerque Louis Dauphin Dec. 1916 24.8 x 33.2 Watercolor and pencil Port, submarine, planes, ships
XS-066 Vermilles/Bully-Gresset/Le Prince des Galles Louis Dauphin 1916 24.8 x 33.8 Pencil Canon, windmill, young man smoking
XS-067 Somme, Tank Louis Dauphin Sept. 1916 32.9 x 24.7 Watercolor and pencil Tank on battlefield
M-019 Plugstreet Bruce Bairnsfather 1916 38 x 52.8 Ink and wash Cartoon signed by artist
L-001 Barbed wire. [Louis Raemaekers] n.d. 60.9 x 46.3 Ink and wash Soldiers' bodies caught in barbed wire
L-002 Hindenburg [Louis Raemaekers] n.d. 61.9 x 46 Ink and wash Cartoon, Hindenburg and Kaiser in New York Harbor

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