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Print Collection 17: The Experience of a Potential Subscriber

Here you can experience what a potential subscriber would see and hear from a book agent for Dreyfus, The Prisoner of Devil's Island , a canvassing book in the Zinman Collection.

This book chronicles the trial and wrongful conviction of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a French military officer of Jewish faith. Following his October 1894 arrest, the French Minister of War accused Dreyfus of disclosing classified government documents to the German embassy. His sensational trial began on December 19, 1894, and ended in his conviction for treason. Dreyfus was subsequently sent to Devil's Island, the infamous penal colony located off the coast of French Guyana. The Dreyfus trial exposed bitter divisions within the French Third Republic, and debate over "The Affair" continued well into the twentieth century.

This canvassing book, copyrighted 1899, includes a pamphlet provided by the publisher with instructions for selling this work. Click here to read the sales talk created for Dreyfus, The Prisoner of Devil's Island.

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