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19 boxes.

In addition to producing over forty books and pamphlets in the course of his career, Mumford the journalist wrote approximately 1, 000 articles and book reviews. He clipped and saved most of these pieces, and as a group, they form the most complete set of his writings for periodicals, including many from other countries not readily available here.

The arrangement of this series reflects the Mumfords' chronological filing of such materials together; it includes clippings, proofs, typescripts, manuscripts, notes, research materials, complete periodicals, and pamphlets not included in Section A of Newman's Bibliography . Entries from Sections B, C, D, E, F, and part of H in Newman's Bibliography have been combined in this series. Not all of the pieces have been published; there are rejected articles (particularly from Mumford's early journalistic work), and short book reviews (most dating from the 1960s and 1970s) written for internal or advertising use by publishing houses. Although many of Mumford's lectures and addresses were published, this series contains a significant number which were not. Notes for classroom lectures are found in "Series XI: Higher Education Activities."

Of the roughly 1, 000 published periodical pieces, many were reprinted in other periodicals, sometimes in translation or in pamphlet form. To some extent the same is true of lecture and address texts. For these reasons filing decisions had to be made on a case-by-case basis. Generally, the various forms of an article or lecture were filed together. No attempt was made to file items chronologically within each year.

Container Container Contents
144 6916-6966 n.d.; 1912-1917/18
145 6967-6998 1918-1921
146 6999-7029 1921-1922
147 7030-7094 1923-1925
148 7095-7166 1926-1929
149 7167-7220 1930-1931
150 7221-7278 ca. 1931-1936
151 7279-7322 n.d.; ca. late 1930s; and 1937-1939
152 7323-7380 1939-1943
153 7381-7436 1944-1947
154 7437-7475 late 1940s; 1949-1950
155 7476-7545 1950-1954
156 7546-7578 1955-1957
157 7579-7629 1958-1960
158 7630-7669 1960/1961-1962/1963
159 7670-7704 1963-1965
160 7705-7742 1966-1968
161 7743-7784 1969-1973
162 7785-7818 1974-1983; and n.d.; and unidentified article fragments

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