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Series X. Architecture and Planning Activitites

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To many, Mumford is primarily remembered as America's foremost architectural critic of the twentieth century. While most of Mumford's criticism was published in book or article form, many of his observations remained buried in his notes, particularly those made early in his career.

This series consists primarily of typescripts, notes, reports, minutes and memoranda, and research materials. It was created to house important items in the collection that are not correspondence and not directly related to specific writing projects. Included are notes from Mumford's early surveys of the New York City area, organizational materials from the Regional Planning Association of America, and various materials from Mumford's occasional work as a planning consultant. Some files of research materials could not be identified with any particular project.

Container Container Contents
180 8027 Notes on New York City (1916)
180 8028 Notes on Greater New York (1917)
including geology; with some sketches and photographs; also a few notes on Portland, Maine
180 8029 Notes on New York City (early, n.d.), marked "INPS"
180 8030 Ts. fragments (1917-1919); and unidentified early plan sketches
180 8031 Sketches for a house design (1918)
180 8032 Mohegan Colony Survey (1923)
blueprint, sketches, report
180 8033 Regional Planning Association of America: minutes (1923-1933)
180 8034-8035 Regional Planning Association of America: miscellaneous items (various dates)
180 8036 American Union for Architecture: minutes (January 1932)
180 8037 Report to Honolulu Park Commission (1939)
180 8038 Hawaii (1939): miscellaneous writing
180 8039 Hawaii (1939): clippings and memorabilia
180 8040 Hawaii (1939): miscellaneous research materials
180 8041-8042 Regional Development Council of America (most 1949): organizational materials
180 8043 Pittsburgh consultancy (1950)
notes (not by Mumford) on his activities in Pittsburgh
180 8044 Christ Church Meadow (Oxford, England) controversy (1965)
Mumford's memorandum, heavily revised draft (incomplete?)
180 8045 Christ Church Meadow (Oxford, England) controversy (1965)
Mumford's memorandum, revised carbon
180 8046 Christ Church Meadow (Oxford, England) controversy (1965)
correspondence copies and news clippings
180 8047 Memorandum on the Plan for Jerusalem (1970)
180 8048 Miscellaneous ts. fragments and clippings
181 8049-8061 Miscellaneous research materials, notes, and memorabilia
182 8062-8065 Miscellaneous research materials

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