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Series XI. Higher Education Activities

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Despite his distrust of the academic world, Mumford had a long and distinguished teaching career that he pursued intermittently between his book projects. The lecture notes, administrative and class materials, student papers, and clippings contained in these boxes reflect Mumford's commitment to educational theory and practice. In addition to his many appointments as a visiting professor, he was a member of the New York City Board of Higher Education in the 1930s, and head of the humanities program at Stanford in the early 1940s. The bulk of the material in this series is from Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania, with smaller amounts from other institutions and activities. For unknown reasons, Mumford's work at the North Carolina State College School of Design is represented by only a few lecture notes, although a copy of the catalog that he prepared for the school is filed with articles, and there is pertinent correspondence as well.

Container Container Contents
182 8066 "Manhattan and Its Region, " lecture course (1917-1918, not given): outline
182 8067 New School for Social Research (1923-1924): course announcement
182 8068 Geneva lectures (1925): American literature lecture drafts; school memorabilia
182 8069 Architecture lectures (ca. late 1920s)
notes for several unidentified lectures
182 8070 Lecture notes (1930s)
(1.) Melville, Smith College (1930?); (2.) "Modern spirit, " n.p.; (3.) architecture, n.p.; and (4.) Van Gogh, "architecture of humanism, " Dartmouth
182 8071-8073 Stanford University, School of Humanities (1942-1943)
administrative materials
182 8074-8075 Stanford University (1942-1943)
lecture notes, which include some research materials and pre-Stanford notes
182 8076-8077 Stanford University (1942-1943)
Humanities course materials
182 8078 Stanford University (1942-1943)
Humanities lecture notes, including some pre-Stanford notes
183 8079-8080 Stanford University (1942-1943)
Humanities lecture notes (?)
183 8081-8086 Stanford University (1942-1943)
Student papers
183 8087 North Carolina State College School of Design (1951)
Lecture notes, "Seminars on Frank Lloyd Wright"
183 8088-8090 University of Pennsylvania (1950s)
Lecture notes, mixed, on architecture, planning, civic design
183 8091 University of Pennsylvania (1950s)
Lecture notes for a religion course
184 8092 University of Pennsylvania (1950s)
Bibliography for religion course
184 8093-8097 University of Pennsylvania (1950s)
Lecture notes for "American Forms and Values" course
184 8098 University of Pennsylvania (1950s)
Miscellaneous course and administrative materials
184 8099 Brandeis University (1955-1956)
Lecture notes and course materials for American literature course
184 8100 Collge d'Europe (Bruges, April 1957)
Lecture notes titled "Human Context"
184 8101-8102 MIT (ca. 1957-1958)
Lecture notes on planning and history of technology
184 8103 Unidentified institution (March 22, 1961)
Lecture notes on man and the environment
184 8104 University of California at Berkeley (1961-1962)
Lecture notes on Greek drama; "Background of Man"; "nature of life"
184 8105 Harvard University (1975 and n.d.)
Student self-profiles from urban studies seminar; Harvard miscellany
184 8106 Miscellaneous items (various dates)
primarily notes, unidentified ts. fragments, and clippings
184 8107 Clippings and memorabilia (various dates)
184 8108 Miscellaneous research materials

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