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Series XIII. Biographical and Autobiographical Materials

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Mumford had an uncanny sense of what information would be useful to a biographer, and in addition to committing his most intimate thoughts to paper, he painstakingly kept track of key dates, addresses, and other facts about his life. This series comprises typescripts, notes, and documents. It contains short autobiographical pieces of uncertain purpose; chronologies; and miscellaneous information regarding health, literary estate and will, and Mumford's relationship with the Harcourt publishing house. In addition, there is an unpublished interview transcript and an unpublished biographical sketch of Mumford by Van Wyck Brooks.

Container Container Contents
186 8129 Chronologies, by Mumford, of his own life
186 8130 "The Growing Age: The Fiction of Time": 1915 autobiographical piece, revised ts.
186 8131 Untitled autobiographical sketch covering 1935-early 1950s
186 8132 Untitled autobiographical sketch (1961)
186 8133 Autobiographical notes and miscellaneous materials concerning early career through 1920s
186 8134-8135 Miscellaneous biographical materials
most are short tss., notes, clippings
186 8136 Interview with Mumford (1978)
186 8137 Van Wyck Brooks' biographical sketch of Mumford (n.d.)
ts. carbon with revisions in Mumford's hand; and ms. photocopy
186 8138 Health records and notes (various dates)
186 8139 Wills and literary estate (various dates)
drafts and correspondence copies
186 8140 Mumford and the Harcourt publishing house (various dates)
notes and memoranda

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