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Series XV. Travel Notes and Memorabilia

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Lewis and Sophia Mumford have traveled extensively in Europe and the United States during their lives. Most of these trips were conducted with Lewis's research and writing as the primary purpose. The series is organized according to the Mumfords' filing of such materials. It consists of notes, itineraries, bills, receipts, passports, and miscellaneous small items. They represent only overseas travel; no such files for domestic travel were kept by the Mumfords. With the exception of one folder containing passports, items are grouped by trip and then filed chronologically. It appears that almost every bill and receipt from later travel abroad was saved, thus giving a detailed record of accomodations and purchases.

If Mumford took many photographs while travelling, few of them found their way into this collection. The only exceptions are a small group of snapshots from his 1938 stay in Hawaii, housed with "Series XIX. Photographs and Art Works, " and small photographs of early Mediterranean architecture (probably by Mumford), which are filed as he left them in the research materials for The City in History . There are snapshots of European architecture: again, probably by Mumford, from his European travels in the early 1930s. They remain among the restricted materials, however, since they were associated with the Mumford-Bauer correspondence.

Container Container Contents
188 8167 Mumford passports (various dates)
188 8168 Europe and the British Isles (1920 and 1922)
188 8169 Europe (1925, 1929, 1932)
notes only
188 8170 Europe (1930)
188 8171 England (1946)
188 8172 Europe and the British Isles (1953)
188 8173 Europe and the British Isles (1957)
188 8174-8175 Europe and the British Isles: (1960)
188 8176 England (1961)
188 8177 Europe and the British Isles 1965, 1967, and n.d.)
188 8178-8179 Europe and the British Isles (various dates)
travel planning materials

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