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Series XVII. Clippings about Mumford

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Mumford's name has appeared (and continues to appear) in the press with some frequency, and in the course of his career, he clipped many of these pieces. All mention Mumford in some way, but none is a book review (reviews being filed with other book materials). They come from serials ranging from daily newspapers to scholarly journals, and they are arranged and placed in folders by decade. Clippings about Mumford's activities in particular areas, such as politics and education, and filed with the appropriate series, should not be overlooked.

Container Container Contents
190 8199 1920s
190 8200-8201 1930s
190 8202-8203 1940s
190 8204-8207 1950s
190 8208-8213 1960s
190 8214-8217 1970s
191 8218 1980s
191 8219-8220 n.d.
191 8221-8222 Material by and about Mumford collected by Catherine Bauer Wurster (various dates)

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