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Series XVIII. "Random Notes" and "Personalia"

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This series of typescripts and notes contains Mumford's most intimate and revealing writings. "Random Notes" and "Personalia" were terms used by Mumford to describe notes which he made throughout his adult life. He almost always identified such notes with "RN" or "Personalia" at the top of the page. It is not always clear how Mumford differentiated between the two categories, so in many cases they are filed together and placed in folders by decade. These notes are a valuable source of information about Mumford's off-the-record thoughts. "Random Notes" and "Personalia" concerning his marriage and extra-marital relationships are restricted and filed separately.

Container Container Contents
191 8223-8226 1910s
191 8227-8232 1920s
192 8233-8234 1920s
192 8235-8236 1930s
192 8237-8241 1940s
192 8242-8244 1950s
192 8245-8248 1960s
192 8249 1970s
192 8250 1980s
192 8251 Misc. research materials of unknown purpose
193 8252-8254 Materials from the Mumford-Bauer correspondence
Box 193 is restricted.
193 8255 Materials from the Mumford-Decker correspondence
Box 193 is restricted.
193 8256 Materials from the Lewis-Sophia Mumford correspondence
Box 193 is restricted.
193 8257-8260 Sophia Mumford notes and personalia
Box 193 is restricted.

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