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Appendix E: SPEECHES

Speakers' names in boldface indicate that the file contains biographical information; speeches in boldface indicate that the file contains a copy of the speech.

11/11: Thomas F. Hunt, "Making the Country Life Movement Effective"

01/13: W. J. Spillman, Address

02/13: Clyde L. King, Address
J. C. Marquis, "The Farmer's Answer to the City's Call"
J. I. Buchanan, "The Banker and Agricultural Credit"
Robert S. Wright, "The Railroad and the Farmer"
Charles Caldwell, Remarks

01/19: Nicholas Schmitz, Dry Farming

12/21: C. H. Hadley, "Fruit Culture"
Thomas J. Headlee, Address

01/22: George M. Marshall, "How can the business of farming be stabilized?"
David Wilbur Horn, "Helping out the Farmer"

04/22: A. Peterson, Address
Frederick C. Peters, Address on Insects
E. A. Hartley, Address
J. Clyde Marquis, Address

06/22: Fred Rasmussen, Address
George M. Rommel, Address

12/22: Charles F. Noll, Address

01/23: Howard Jenkins, Dairy Show
Lardner Howell, Church Farm School
R. H. True, P.S.P.A. Library

02/23: F. P. Willits, Address
George H. Nash, Address

12/23: John W. Harshberger, "Upland Pastures in Norway and Switzerland"

04/24: William H. Martin, "Conditions and Prosepcts of Fruit Industry in the East"

01/25: R. H. True, History of P.S.P.A.
Charles F. Jenkins, Remarks
Charles W. Holman, Farm Cooperatives
Dr. Stubbs, Chicken Disease
F. P. Willits, Remarks

12/26: Charles S. Beckwith, "The Story of the Cranberry"
Sidney B. Hutton, Blueberries

10/26: Robert Chodat, "Alpine Botanical Garden in Switzerland"

12/26: Sidney B. Hutton, Blueberry Culture
Charles S. Beckwith, Cranberry growing in N.J.

12/27: William J. Campbell, Country Life

01/28 Raymond A. Pearson

03/29: William H. Pew, "Beef production and Marketing in the East"

03/32: E. L. Nixon

01/33: M. F. Barnes, "Bang's Disease"
Richard A. Kearn, "Undulent Fever"
R. H. True, "Short History of the Society"

12/33: Robert Brown, "Detouring Arabia"

01/34: C. P. Wilber, Forestry
Edward M. Wooton, Surveying

04/34 Elizabeth Coleman White, "The Development of Blueberry Culture"
Arthur U. Chaney, Cranberries

11/34: Edward S. Bayard, "Agriculture in 1934"

11/35: Wilfred H. Osgood, "Ethiopians and their Stronghold"

03/36: Reginald D. Forbes, "Investigating a Neglected Crop"
Conway Zirkle, "The First Hybrids"

10/36: D. E. Haley, "Industrial Utilization of Agricultural Crops"

12/36: F. F. Linginger, "Consumer Cooperative Movement here and Abroad"

02/37: L. Wayne Arny, "Raising plants in a Bottle"

10/37: Carl B. Fritsche, "An Alliance between Industry and Agriculture"

02/38: John W. Shive, "Growing Plants in Artificial Media"

12/38: Louis Klein, "Bovine Mastitis"
D. Marshall, "Color in Milk"

01/39: D. B. Johnstone Wallace, "Pasture Improvement and Management"

03/39: Kenneth V. Thimann, "Growth Hormones in Plants"

03/40: Franklin D. Jones, "Vitamines and Hormones in Plants"

03/40: Carl R. Woodward, "Meet Dr. Franklin"

05/40: Dr. Johnstone-Wallace, "War and Agriculture"

04/41: William J. Hale

02/49: Dr. Kelser

12/49: R. B. Donaldson, "Looking Ahead in Marketing Pa. Fruits and Vegetables"

02/50: R. B. Farnham, "Community Planting in N.J."

10/50: Charles K. Hallowell

11/50: Benjamin H. Welty

03/51: Samuel P. Wetherill, Soil Preservation

01/52: T. Walter Reed, Insecticides and Fungicides

02/52: Robert B. Donaldson, "The Pennsylvania Apple Industry"

04/52: Nicholas Biddle, Control of Rabid Foxes

07/52: James H. Eakin, Soil Management

01/53: L. Wayne Arny, Soil Fertility

03/53: William A. Haffert, Jr., Role of Television in Farm Education

04/53: James F. Keim, "Opportunities for International Understanding"

11/53: Nicholas Biddle, Wildlife on the Farm

01/54: L. Wayne Arny, Trace Elements in Economic Plant Production

01/54: Jackson B. Hester, "Economy in Cash Crop Rotation"

12/54: L. Wayne Arny, "Problems of the Farmers of Tomorrow"

01/55: Charles K. Hallowell, Vegetable Varieties

02/55: I. E. Parkin, "New Methods of Milk Transportation"

06/55: Charles K. Hallowell, Turf Management

01/56: James E. Allen, Flood Control

03/56: Fred Robertson, Federal Farm Program

03/56: William L. Henning, "The Agricultural Situation Today"

10/56: Harry O. Wilcox

11/56: William Campbell, Independence National Historical Park

12/56: Bertram L. Lutton, Wissahicken Farm School

02/57: Belford L. Seabrook, New Vegetable Varieties (changed to urban farm areas?)

03/57: James Dutt, Vegetable Varieties and Cultural Methods

04/57: William I. Myers, "Farm Programs and Food Prices"

05/57: Samuel P. Wetherill, Soil Management and Technology

11/57: James K. Rathmell, Jr.

01/58: Samuel P. Wetherill, "Field Hardy Mycorrhizal Inoculants"

02/58: John C. Wister, "Revolutionary Changes in Horticulture"

03/58: William H. Martin, Science and Agriculture

11/58: Robert F. Raffauf, "Science in Africa"

04/59: George W. Irving

04/59: Byron T. Shaw, "Tomorrow's Agriculture: The Research Perspective"

11/59: Wheeler McMillen , Address, notes and figures

04/60: Wheeler McMillen, "Farm and City: an Honest Look"

06/60: Henry W. Jeffers, Jr., "Ox under the Master's Eye"

09/60: Vernon D. Northrop

11/60: Robert D. McMillen

02/61: Phillip Alampi, "Challenge and Change Facing N.J. Agriculture Today"

03/61: Claude W. Gifford, "The Reds Grounded Missile"

05/61: Carl R. Woodward, "Benjamin Franklin's Agricultural Interest"

08/61: Francis A. Hughes, re: Atlas Industries

11/61: Russell Jacob Seibert , "Longwood Gardens and its Place in Modern Horticulture"

12/61: Stuart G. Younkin , "Research Activities of Campbell Soup Co."

01/62: Richard S. Darsie , "What U.S. Land Grant Colleges can do for Latin America"

02/62: Lyall F. Taylor , "New Developments in Chemical Weed Control"

03/62: Lloyd Partain , "Food is a Bargain"

04/62: James H. Eakin , "How to Make the Best Buy in Fertilizers"

04/62: W. T. Spanton,"Vocational Agriculture"

05/62: Frank Kral, "Life Behind the Iron Curtain"

10/62: George M. Worrilow, "The Modern College of Agriculture: Servant of Change"

03/63: William E. Kenny, re: N.J. Agricultural Delegation to Eastern Europe

10/63: Leland H. Bull, "How Green are our Valleys"

12/63: Russell E. Larson

12/63: William G. Latourette, "The Farm Labor Dilemma: the harsh realities"

01/64: William B. Murphy, "Some New Dimensions for Agriculture"

03/64: Earnesta D. Ballard

12/64: Herman Purdy , "Beef Cattle" (speech cancelled)

01/65: Roy L. Flannery , "Automation of Soil Testing"

03/65: Lawrence B. Sheppard

05/65: Worrilow, George M., "Land, food, and People"

05/65: Earl L. Butz, "Modern Agriculture, a Story of Progress and Power"

11/65: Herman Purdy

12/65 Samuel S. Baxter, "Water supply situation of the Delaware River Basin"

01/65: Paul J. Wuest?

02/66: Jack McCormick

03/66: Leland G. Merrill, Jr.

11/66: C. R. Studholme, "Predator Control"

02/67: Virgil E. Crowley , "Linear Programming: Farm Management's New Tool"

03/67: F. Morris Phillips, "Ocean Farming" (?)

04/67: Carl R. Woodward , "Franklin as an Agriculturalist"

12/67: Edwin C. Dryden, "New Wealth from Agriculture"

03/68: Edwin Gauntt, Agriculture in India Harry Wilcox, "Turf Farming in Pa."

11/68: Coles Roberts, "Blossoms to Bite"

12/68: Michael A. Farrell

02/69: Francis A. Ramaley , "Farm Life in the Antipodes"

03/69: Charles Mills, "Hogs and Corn"

04/69: Amos Kirby, "Changing Conditions in Agriculture"

10/69: Henry R. Fortmann

11/69: Fred Peck

02/70: Paul Dobin, "N.J. Farm Leaders Visit the Middle East in '64"

04/70: W. Atlee Burpee, "What's new in flower and vegetable breeding"

05/70:Philip Alampi, Remarks

03/71: R. A. Mulford , "More Power to You"

11/71: Mark E. Singley

12/71: Nicholas Biddle, History of PSPA

02/72: William M. Cranstoun

10/72: Owen Schmidt, "Landscaping"

02/73: Bruce A. Dorbian , "The Urban Conservation Ethnic"

04/73: Robert C. Fringer, Gypsy Moths

01/74: Thomas Dolan, "The Abatement of Environmental Waste"

03/74: Phillip Alampi

04/74: David Gwinn

02/65: Lane Palmer, "The Myth and Math of Our Food Supply"

04/75: Aristid Victor Grosse, "Desert Agriculture"

10/75: Jay Anderson, "Direct Marketing--Where is it going"

02/76: Henry D. Mirick , "A Three-Story Suburban Garden"

03/76: Edward L. Kozicky, "Pride and Land"

07/76: Christopher Bird

11/76: Mabel J. Cohen

03/77: Hope Scott, "An Ayrshire Herd from 1909-1977"

04/77: H. G. Cawood

11/77: PA Livestock Assoc.

12/77: Wesley Lamar Harris

02/78: Mark Kooker for Wm. McDaniel, "Background of the U.S. Agricultural Movement"

05/78: Lane Palmer, "Success and Failure in 50 yrs. of Federal Farm Prgms"

03/80: Richard C. Waybright

07/80: Howard Kellogg, "Walking the Appalacian Trail"

11/80: Norman A. Berg, "The Adequacy of U.S. Agricultural Land"

03/82: Clifton A. Baile , "Modern Swine Practice"

n.d. (Listed alphbetically by speaker):
Arny, L. Wayne, "American Agriculture-Where is it going from here?"
Arny, L. Wayne, "Hydroponics"
East, Russell G., "Soybean Exhibit Car"
Hayward, Harry, Animal Husbandry
Lippincott, Horace Mather, "Bolton Farm"
Williams, D.G. with A. L. Hacker, "The Engineer Looks at Agriculture"

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