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III. John M. Okie Papers

This series comprises the papers of John M. Okie, who served as assistant secretary of the Society from 1922 to 1938 and was the driving force behind the publication of Memoirs VI . While most of these papers concern P.S.P.A., some of John Okie's personal papers are also included.

A. Correspondence.

5 boxes.

Letters written to and from John M. Okie; drafts of memoranda written by John Okie; miscellaneous personal correspondence. Arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Letters to and from John Okie, as well as drafts of letters, are interfiled chronologically. Memoranda and unidentified correspondents fall at the end of this section. (N.B. letters and papers resulting from John Okie's role as Assistant Secretary [i.e. general Society business] can be found in Series II, in the General Correspondence, or in the Administrative and Committee correspondence, between the years of 1922 and 1938.)

Container Container Contents
79 2024-2109 A. C. - Essex
80 2110-2181 Fabius - Jones
81 2182-2250 Kain - Murphy
82 2251-2323 National - Symmachus
83 2324-2377 Thomas - Zirkle
83 2378 Misc.
83 2379 Memoranda

B. Historical Research Material.

5 boxes.

Notes, transcripts, and illustrations collected by John Okie regarding the early history of P.S.P.A. Biographical files on early members (with reproductions of portraits), arranged alphabetically by the last name of the member. Notes and transcripts taken from the Society's Papers are arranged by title, and then chronologically; Collected transcriptions and notes taken from books, newspapers, or historical records are arranged alphabetically by title. At the end of this section fall lists of documents and publications avaiable from various sources, and miscellaneous notes and fragments.

Container Container Contents
1. Biographical material and portraits of early members
84 2390-2431 Barroll - Michener
85 2432-2459 Morgan - Wilson
2. Collected Research Material
(alphabetical by subject)
86 2460-2500 Agricultural - Mount
87 2501-2515 Pendelton - United
87 2516-2523 Misc. Research Notes
87 2524-2538 Bibliographies
3. Bound transcripts of research material. 6 boxes, 15 volumes.
Volumes of memoranda, correspondence, extracts from the Society's papers, and research notes relating to P.S.P.A.
Correspondence and communications
(alphabetical by author)
88 2539-2586 Adlum - Cutler
89 2587-2641 Darlington - Morris
90 2642-2697 Neville - Young, anon.
91 2698-2725 Miscellaneous Records
4. Volumes of typescript copies, with historical notes, compiled by John Okie
92 Papers
vol. 1 and 2
93 Papers
vol. 3 and 4
94 Papers 2 vol.
95 Col. George Morgan and Dr. John Morgan
95 George Logan and James Mease
95 George Clymer and Col. Pickering
96 Elias Boudinot et al.
96 Richard Peters
96 Nicholas Biddle and Craig Biddle
97 John Beale Bordley
vol. 1 and 2
97 Farmer's Club

C. Memoirs VI .

4 boxes.

Correspondence, notes and drafts, compiled comments and reviews, illustrations, galleys relating to the publication of Memoirs VI . Included in correspondence are letters promoting the book, and regarding orders, sales, or billing, arranged alphabetically by correspondent. At the end of this series are drafts of form letters and memoranda. Drafts and excerpts of Memoirs are arranged by subject, along with illustrations and duplicates of photos used in the publication. Excerpts and typescript copies of reviews and commentary on the volume are filed with Comments on Memoirs VI, a two volume compilation of responses to the work. Galleys of the work, and negatives of photographs used for Memoirs fall at the end of this section.

Container Container Contents
98-99 2726-2791 Planning and drafts
100 2792-2797 Comments and Reception, Notes and Drafts
100 Comments and Reception of Memoirs VI (2 vol.)
101 Negatives for illustrations
102 Galleys

D. Oversize

Container Container Contents
103 Miscellaneous oversize material

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