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OP Book Dealers for South Asia

American and European Dealers in Books on South Asia including out of print and antiquarian books<

*Known to deal in out of print and rare books.

Nataraj Books

(Vinod Mahajan)
P. O. Box 5076
70743 Brookfield Plaza
Springfield VA 22150
tel. 703-455-4996
fax 703-912-9052
res. 6344 Draco St.
Burke, VA 22015

South Asia Books

(Prof. Gerald Barrier, prop.)
P.O. Box 502
Columbia, MO 65205
tel. 314- 474-0116
fax 314-474-8124

Another importer:

S & SA International

(Sanjay Agrawal, President)
640 Oak Ridge Rd., #109
Hopkins, MN 55305-4803
tel. 612-935-4363
fax. Ibid.

Lawrence Verry, Inc

Mystic, CT 06355
tel. 203-536-7373

W. Heffer & Sons Ltd.

W Heffer & Sons Ltd
20 Trinity Street
Cambridge CB2 1TY, UK
tel. 01223(+44 1223) 568568; 07000 HEFFERS
fax 01223(+44 1223) 568591

A bookstore and publisher specializing in Orientalia. It issues catalogs of new and o.p. books frequently, but takes you off their list very quickly if you don't order:

Luzac & Co.

Great Russell St.

Try the following for books from Europe, though it deals more with the humanities (including history) than the social sciences. Its antiquarian division has split off as Het Oosters Antiquarium (see below).

E. J. Brill

Oude Rijn 33a-35
P.O. Box 9000
The Netherlands

A major publisher and distributor of books on India. Will respond to inquiries about specific o.p. items, but does not issue catalogs of them:

*Otto Harrasowitz

Beethovenstrasse 6a
West Germany

Provides maps of India including some in very small scale (1:50,000)


Internationales Landkartenhaus GmbH
Schokenriedstrasse 40a
7000 Stuttgart 80 (Valhingen)
West Germany
tel. (0711) Vertrieb 7800791, Einkauf 7800795
telex 7-255161 rvs d

Miscellaneous Dealers:

*A. Rinen

105 East 2nd St.
New York, NY 10009
tel. (212) 777-1468

*Ad Orientem

2 Cumberland Gardens
St. Leonard-on-Sea
Sussex TN38 0QR , U. K.
tel. Hastings 0424 427-186
cable: Oriental S. Leonards

*Adab Books

50 Saddler St.
Durham Rd. DH1 3NU

*Adrien Maisonneuve

11, rue St.-Sulpice
Paris 75006
tel. (1) 43-26-86-35

*Antiquariat Junk

Walderstraat 10
The Netherlands
tel. 5730-1725
cables: Junk Lochem

*Anthony T. Hall

30, Staines Rd.
Twickenham, Middlesex
U. K.

*Argosy Book Stores, Inc.

Number 116 East 59th St.
New York NY 10022
tel. 212-753-4455
fax 212-593-4784

*Arthur Probsthain

41 Great Russell St.
London WC1B 3PH
U. K.
(nearest Undergroud: Tottenham Court Rd.; Holbourn)
tel. (071) 636-1096

books in Eng., Ben., Guj., Hin., Pub, Urd. Talking books and large print books:

Asian Book Shop

45 Grafton Way
London, W1P 5LA
(nearest Underground: Warren St.)
tel. and fax (071) 387-5747

*Asian Rare Books Inc.

(prop. Stephen Feldman)
Suite 16-D, 175 West 93 St.
New York NY 10025
tel. 212-316-5334
fax 212-316-3408

*Bernard Quaritch Ltd.

5-8 Lower John St.
Golden Square
London W1R 4AU
U. K.
tel. +44 (0) 171 734 2983
fax +44 (0) 171 437 0967

*Bolerium Books

(John W. Durham)
2141 Mission St., Ste. 300
San Francisco, CA 94110
tel. 800-863-6353; 415-863-6353
fax 415-255-6499

*Book Bin, Inc.

(Robert S. Baird)
2305 N.W. Monroe St.
Corvallis, OR 97330
tel. 503-752-0045

very large importer:

Books from India (UK) Ltd.

45 Museum St.
London WC1A 1LR
(nearest Underground: Holbourn; Tottenham Court Rd.)
tel. (071) 405-3784, 405-7226
fax (071) 831-4517

Art books:

*Brannan Books

(Paul Brannan)
P.O. Box 475
Garberville, CA 95542
tel. 707-923-3552
fax 707-923-2560

*C. P. J. van der Peet

39 Jansweg
The Netherlands
tel. 023-320216
cable: Mobin-Amsterdam

*Chronica Botanica Co

(Mr. Pama Primlani)
B-180, Priyadarhni Vihar
(American Embassy Housing Society)
Delhi 110 092
tel. (91-11) 224-1865

Oriental Books and Manuscripts:

*David Loman

12 Suffolk Rd.
London SW13 9NB

*Deene W. Lindsey

P.O. Box 9000
Morristown NJ 07960
tel. 201-540-1045

*East and West Shop, Inc.

4 Appleblossom Lane
Newtown CT 06470
tel. 203-426-0661

*The Family Album

(Ron Lieberman)
RR1- Box 42
Glen Rock, PA 17327
tel. 717-235-2134
fax 717-235-8042

*Fine Books Oriental

38 Museum Street,
London, WC1 1LP
tel. (+44) 171 242 5288
fax (+44) 171 242 5344

*Forum Antiquarian Booksellers

Achter Sint Pieter 4
P.O. Box 129
The Netherlands

*Gregory C. Gamradt Books on the Orient

P.O. Box 22694
Minneapolis, MN 55422
tel. 612-537-0359
fax 612-536-0579

*Graeme Vanderstoel

P.O. Box 599
El Cerrito CA 94530-0599
tel. 510-527-2882

*Grant & Shaw Ltd.

62 West Port
Edinburgh EH1 2LD
Scotland, U.K.
tel. (44-31) 229-8399
fax (44-31) 229-8393

This is the former antiquarian division of E.J. Brill, which split off in 1992:

*Het Oosters Antiquarium

(Mr. R. Smitskamp, prop.)
Nieuwe Rijn 2
The Netherlands
tel. (31) 71-5149305
fax (31) 71-5127542

Used and out of print books on South Asia:

*Indus Books

631 NE 31st Avenue
Portland, OR 97232-2424
tel. 503-231-9215

World religions, Tibet, Alchemy, Occult, Oriental Art:

*J.D. Holmes, Bookseller

P.O. Box 623
Edmonds, WA 98020
tel. and fax 206-771-2701

*Hosains Books

25 Connaught St.
London W2
(nearest Underground: Marble Arch; Edgeware Rd.)
tel. (171) 262-7900

*Jenny Watson, Antiquarian Bookseller

P. O. Box 915
Exeter NH 03833

*John Randall

47 Moreton St.
London SW1V 2NY
(Near Pimlico underground station.)
tel. 071-630-5331
fax 071-821-6544

Naval and military history, British Empire in India, Southeast Asia:

*John Yates, Bookseller

810 Pine Lane
San Rafael, CA 94903
tel. and fax 415-491-1947

*Knightsbridge Books Ltd.

32 Store St.
London WC1E 7BS
U. K.
tel. 01-636-0994, -0995, -0996
telex 267095 KBOOKS G

*Kobayashi shobo

Kanda Jinbo-cho 2-12
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101
tel. (Japan) 03-3263-0776
fax 03-3239-8036

*Libri di Ieri

Casella Postale 534
50100 Firenze

Makara Books

(Drs H J van der Sluis)
Spreeuwenstraat 141
NL 3815 SR Amersfoort
tel. (31-33) 4727 779
fax (31-70) 3243 135

Books from all parts of Asia:

*Marco Polo Books

P. O. Box 120334
Nashville TN 37212
tel. 615-834-5974
fax 615-834-6343

*Martinus Nijhoff

Lange Voorhout 9-11
P. O. Box 269
The Hague
The Netherlands
tel. 18-23-84
cable: Books Hague

*McBlain Books

(Philip A. McBlain)
2348 Whitney Ave.
P. O. Box 5062
Hamden CT 06518
tel. 203-281-0400
fax 203-230-1629

*Messrs. Berkelouw, Inc.

(Henry Berkelouw)
830 No. Highland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
tel. 213-466-3321
fax 213-460-2922

Only on military history, including antiquarian books and mss on South Asian military history. Some of the mss he has offered have been of great importance:

*Owen D. Kubik

3474 Clar-Von Drive
Dayton OH 45430
tel. 513-294-0253

Richard Lyon / Chimera Books

17 High Street, Hurstpierpoint,
West Sussex, BN6 9TT

*Paragon Book Gallery

1507 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605
tel. 312-663-5155; 800-55-BOOKS
fax 312-663-5177

*Parnassus Book Service

Rt. 6A, P.O. Box 33
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675
tel. 508-362-6420

*Rare Oriental Book Co.

(Jerrold G. Stanoff)
P. O. Box 1599
Aptos, CA 95001-1599
tel. 831-689-0203
fax 831-689-0204
EMAIL:Rare Oriental Books

*Richard C. Ramer

225 E. 70th St.
New York, NY 11021
tel. 212-737-0222, -0223
fax 212-288-4169

Bengali books, services:

Ruposhi Bangla Ltd.

220 Tooting High St.
London SW17 0SG
(nearest Underground: Tooting Broadway)
tel. (081) 672-7843, 682-1718

*Skoob Books Ltd.

19 Bury Place
London WC1A 2JH
(nearest Underground: Holbourn; Tottenham Court Rd.)
tel. (171) 405-0030

deals in South and Southeast Asian manuscripts:

*Stolper, Robert L.

7 Brock Street
Bath, Avon BA1 2LN
Great Britain
tel. (44) 1-225-422920
fax (44) 1-225-480206

*Susil Gupta Booksellers

12 Blakehall Crescent
London E11

*Tamarind Books

P.O. Box 49217
Greensboro, NC 27419
tel. 919-852-1905
fax 919-282-6246

*Terramedia Books

(Elias N. Saad, Ph.D.)
12 Leighton Rd.
Wellesley, MA 02181
tel. 617-237-6485
fax 617-237-4833

Trebizond Rare Books

(Williston Benedict, Rosalind C. Benedict)
Main St., P.O. Box 2430
New Preston, CT 06777
tel. 203-868-2621

*Trophy Room Books

(Ellen Enzler Herring and James A. Herring)
P.O. Box 3041
Agoura, CA 91301
tel. 818-889-2469
fax 818-889-4849

*Turtle Island Booksellers

(Michael Hackenberg)
2041 Center St.
Berkeley, CA 94704
tel. 510-540-5422
fax 510-540-5461

*Worldwide Antiquarian

P.O. Box 391
Cambridge, MA 02141

*Yak and Yeti Books

P. O. Box 5736
Rockville MD 20855
tel. 301-977-7285
fax 202-347-3811
weekdays 7-10 P.M.; weekends 9 A.M.-11 P.M.


Asian Book Shop

(a branch of Star Publications, New Delhi)
45, Grafton Way
Tottenham Court rd.
London W1
tel. (44) 11-387-5747

includes books in regional languages:

Asia Book Corporation of America (ABCA)

94-41 218th St.
Queens Village, NY 11428

exporters of Hindi, Urdu, and other Arabic script languages:

Books India

(Mr. Neeraj Datt)
76-36 265 St.
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
tel. 718-470-9735
fax 718-962-1073

Crouch and Co.

'Oak Lodge'
47a Mornington Rd.
Woodford Green

East India Book Company

635 Second Ave.
New York NY
tel. 212-685-3408

deals in modern-language books and periodicals from India:

Indo-U.S. Books and Journals, Inc.

88-38 187th St.
Hollis, NY 11423
tel. 718-454-5424

Indus Inc.

Box 56
East Glastonbury CT 06025
tel. 203-633-0045

Isseido Booksellers

7, 1-chome
tel. (Japan) 3292-0071

J. Thornton and Son

University Booksellers
11 Broad St.
Oxford OX1 3BQ
tel. Oxford 42939

Orient Book Distributors

P. O. Box 100
Livingston NJ 07039
tel. 201-992-6992

S. Das Gupta

6 Lake House Rd.
Wanstead, London E11 3QS
tel. 01-989 6101

Sanki-bo Buddhist Book Store


The Scholar's Choice

Academic Book Exhibits
Henrietta NY 14467
Brian Vivier, Interim South Asia Studies Librarian