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Storage Policies for South Asia

The Van Pelt Library remains the primary library for materials on South Asia. However, as the overall collection has increased considerably in size, the Library has opened LIBRA, the Penn Libraries Research Annex, a storage facility to accommodate the collection growth.

What materials from the South Asia Collection have been sent to LIBRA? The materials that have been sent and continue to be sent to LIBRA are selected by the South Asia Bibliographer. The materials that have been selected meet specific criteria: older journal runs that are represented in JSTOR or have been adequately indexed, monographs that have not been checked out in over 10 years, the older decennial census volumes are sent to storage upon the arrival of the most current one, and other large government publication sets.

Materials can be retrieved from LIBRA in a very timely fashion and the facility itself can be used when one wishes to work with a particularly complex publication such as the census and accommodations can be made to facilitate access to bulky materials. Please contact the staff at LIBRA and they will make the necessary arrangements.

It is therefore important to note that Franklin, the online catalog, is the final statement on our holdings for South Asia and that if something is not found in the stacks through browsing, one should always consult Franklin to ascertain the location of an item.

If there are concerns about the materials in storage or any questions that you may have regarding the selection policies for the South Asia material, please do not hesitate to contact Jef Pierce, South Asian Studies Librarian, at 215-382-5258.