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Lecture 1: Kashmir

Lecture 2: Sri Lanka

Lecture 3: M. Pradesh

One of the remarkable aspects of Mary B. Wheeler's life is that she not only revelled in traveling throughout South Asia, meticulously recording intimate details of the landscapes, people and activities she encountered, but also that upon her return home, she delighted in making her experiences accessible to a broader audience through series of public lectures. Included in her bequest to the University of Pennsylvania libraries is a series of lecture scripts, audio tapes, and slide carousels containing images from her public talks, in lecture order. We recognize the uniqueness of this gift, which allows us to reconstruct, analyze and enjoy Mary B. Wheeler's lectures in her posterity, and endeavor to make it accessible to the broader public through the following series of individual lecture pages. These pages present images in lecture order, so that they can be experienced in the order in which they were originally shown. A special feature of these lectures pages is a series of digitized audio voice streams, taken directly from the photographer's own tape recordings, providing the interested visitor the opportunity to hear segments of lectures in Mary B. Wheeler's own words. Whether she was adventuring through the Himalayas or strolling along the coastline of Tamil Nadu, Mary B. Wheeler's lectures reveal a vision that was truly individual.

Lecture 1: Kashmir, the Enchanted Vale

Lecture 2: Sri Lanka, The Resplendent Isle

Lecture 3: Madhya Pradesh, the Heart of India