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Religion, Ritual and Festivals:

Proliferating Mary B. Wheeler's collection are images of various festivals and practices that testify to the vibrant religious diversity of South Asia. Equally fascinating to Mary B. Wheeler are the solemnity of a Muslim cemetery in Kashmir, the wild intensity of the Buddhist Perahera festival in Sri Lanka, and the glorious carvings of the Hindu temples at Khajuraho. Included in the following pages are selected images from the collection which capture key moments in the religious life of South Asia. For your convenience, we have divided these images into the following browsable subcategories. We hope that these will allow you to easily access images that are of particular interest.

Religion, Ritual and Festivals Sub-Categories:

Temple Ritual and Specialized Festivals

Sacred Architecture and Pilgrimage Sites

Dance and Musical Performance

Priests, Monks, and Holy Figures

Painted Epics and Religious Stories