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Sri Lanka: The Resplendent Isle

This lecture features slides from Mary B. Wheeler's visits to the island of Sri Lanka, taken primarily between the years 1978 and 1982. Among the many images highlighted are intricate architectural shots and lushly painted details of frescoes from Buddhist monasteries and temples, which attest well to the richness of the Buddhist art tradition from ancient times to the present day. However, the real treat of this lecture is in Mary B. Wheeler's keen eye for the ethnographic image, and her series of slides detailing the procession of the Sacred Relic in the annual Perahera Festival at the famous Temple of the Tooth Relic at Kandy provide important documentation for the scholar, as well as a fully visceral experience for the interested viewer.

In describing her travels through Sri Lanka, Mary B. Wheeler presented 241 slides, which touch upon various historical and cultural aspects of the areas she encountered. In order to make her lecture more accessible to the interested viewer and to minimize download time, we have sequentially distributed her images onto sixteen distinct webpages. The pages are arranged topically and sequentially, remaining true to the order in which Mary B. Wheeler originally presented them. Available audio clips, included also on individual topical pages, are listed here for your convenience. You, as the viewer, have the option of following along with Mary B. Wheeler's original lecture sequence, or selecting the topics that most interest you.

Lecture Sections - Links to Images: Links to Corresponding Audio Clips:
Introduction and History Introduction, Europeans Arrive, Independence
Mahavamsa The Mahavamsa
Irrigation and Artificial Lakes Royally Sponsored Artificial Lakes
Fishing Village at Galle The Seacoast by Galle
Anuradhapura and King Deva-Nampiya-Tissa Deva-Nampiya-Tissa's Conversion to Buddhism
Dagobas and Bodhi Shrines Dutta Gamunu's Victory and the Miri Savati Dagoba
King Walagam Bahu and the Dambulla Caves Mara's Demons and a Devout Monk
King Kassapa and Sigiriya The Citadel at Sigiriya
The Sigiriya Frescoes Mary B. Wheeler Describes the Frescoes
Parakrama Bahu I and Polonnaruwa The King's Palace at Polonnaruwa
Elephants Wild Elephants
Kandy, Temple of the Sacred Tooth

History of Kandy and The Temple of the Tooth Relic, Puja

Kandyan Traditional Dance Dance Competitions
The Perahera Festival at Kandy- Preparations The Relic and the Perahera Festival, Introducing Raja the Elephant, Preparing the Elephants for the Procession
The Perahera Festival at Kandy - Part II The Procession Begins, The Paramuna Rala and the "Master of the King's Elephants"
The Perahera Festival at Kandy - Finale Raja Joins Carrying the Relic, Hindu Devale Temples, The 10th Night, The Festival Ends

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