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Books on South Asia

The primary location for monographs (books) on South Asia is the Van Pelt Library. The books on South Asia are integrated in the general collection - literature (mainly call numbers PK and PL) on the third floor, religion and the social sciences on the fourth floor (in call number ranges B and H), and history on the fifth floor (DS). In addition, specialized disciplines such as epigraphy and numismatics will be in their respective call number ranges (CJ and CN), as true of other genres of writing such as biography (CT). The Museum Library and the Fisher Fine Arts Library are the primary libraries for Anthropology/Archaeology and History of Architecture/Art books on South Asia respectively. A large number of books and other materials are now also located at LIBRA (Penn Libraries Research Annex). The library catalog (Franklin) will indicate the location of an item.

The record in Franklin will make it clear if a title is located at LIBRA or any of the other libraries and materials can be recalled by using the Place request button at the top of the Franklin record. If large quantities of material that need to be studied are in LIBRA, such as the multi-volume sets of the Census of India, the material may be consulted on site in West Deptford, NJ. Please contact the LIBRA staff for assistance.

Books on South Asia in our collections are published throughout the world and are not limited to titles published only in South Asia. We acquire books published anywhere on and about South Asia, including diasporic literature. For a more detailed description of our books selection policies, please see our Collection Development description for South Asia.

For further information about our book policies: or 215-898-7146.