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Sound Recordings for South Asia

The Library has a very large collection of sound recordings for the music of South Asia. This includes music in a large number of musical genres from the classical to bhangra. The recordings are kept in the Ormandy Music Library and usually circulate for a period of 7 days. The following is just a small set of the subject headings that can be used to find these recordings. Where there is a country or language, one can just replace with another country or language.

Ragas, Dictionaries
Ragas, India
Ragas, India, North
Ragas, Pakistan, Lahore

Hindustani music
Hindustani music, 17th century, History and criticism

Carnatic music
Ethnic music recordings
Ethnic music recordings, Hindu
Ethnic music recordings, Malayalam
Ethnic music recordings, Sanskrit
Ethnic music recordings India.
Ethnic music recordings, Panjabi.
Motion picture music, India.
Popular music, India.
Songs, English, India.
Song,s Hindi
Songs, Panjabi.
Vocal music, India

For more information on sound recordings or for suggestions for purchase, please contact Jef Pierce, South Asian Studies Librarian, 215-898-7146.