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Sanskrit Manuscripts at the PENN Library
The University of Pennsylvania holds the largest number of South Asian manuscripts in North America. See the following page for a short description of the collection. Also go to manuscript list page to see which manuscripts we have made electronically available.

Electronic Indic Manuscripts
A number of manuscripts from the collection are now available in electronic format at this site. We are always adding new items from the collection to this site, so check here regularly.
      If you know a manuscript held here (see Poleman's Census) and interested in it, please send us a request. We may be able to add the particular item ahead of others.
      Manuscripts are classified according to the Census of Poleman below. For each entry there is a title, Poleman No. and UPENN No.
      Entries whose titles are in italic are planned to be added to this electronic collection.
      Each manuscript has its own descriptive page. Each "page" is a folio image. Images of manuscript are scanned with 75dpi resolution unless otherwise noted. Therefore, if the screen is set to 75dpi, then you should see a manuscript in its original size.

Some notes on the electronic collection of the Sanskrit manuscripts

Note that this resolution may not be particularly useful for serious study of manuscripts. In addition to this, images are stored in JPEG format (in 75% quality) wherein the color information of color in each pixel is not preserved. This format was chosen because major web browsers do not support graphic formats other than gif and jpeg, and without using JPEG, a scanned image would be 7 times the JPEG size thus making the image almost unusable in the net environment.

Please contact Jef Pierce, South Asian Studies Librarian, if you would like to consult any of the manuscripts in the collection.

Table of the electronic Indic manuscripts

Major Division Subdivision Title Poleman No. PENN No. MS date (AD)
Veda .Rgveda Râtrîsûkta (from RV) 24 13 n/a
Brâ Aitareyabrâ, Pañcikâs 1--8 132 2020 AD 1762-1763
Sûtra Baudhâyanacayanaprayoga 229 1300 AD 1814
Baudhâyanîyasarvap.r.s.thoptor yâmaprayoga 238 1283 AD 1807
Late Ritual Texts Agni.s.tomamaitrâvaru.naprayoga 265 75 AD 1800
Upani.sad B.rhadâra.nyakopani.sad Adhyâya 1 675 994 AD 1789
Epic Râmâ Sakalasaubhâgyavimalavairâgyasampâdinî 999 2575 n/a
Purâ.na Râmasahasranâmastotra from the Li" 1425 2333 n/a
Ga"ngâsahasranâman from Skandapurâ.na, Kâ"sîkha.n.da 1549 2332 AD 1801
Ga"ngâsahasranâman from Skandapurâ.na, Kâ"sîkha.n.da 1550 2504 n/a
'Sîtalâstotra from Skandapurâ.na 1592 2796 AD 1624
Stotra Mahaganapatistotra + miscellaneous stotras 1876 2584 n/a
Kâvya, Campû, and Gadya Kâlidâsa Raghuva.m"sa, Sarga 5 1958 1529 n/a
Religious Law Tithi Tithinir.naya 3104 1655 AD 1605
Prâya"scitta Yaj~naprâya" 3144 1292 AD 1807
Snâna Prayâgasnânavidhi 3324 140 AD 1695
Miscellaneous Texts and Special Rituals Lak.sahomapaddhatiprayoga 3334 1654 AD 1789
Vâjinabhak.savicâra 3337 1288 n/a
K.sauravidhi 3363 2737 n/a
Philosophy Yoga Yogasutra 3587 249 n/a
Yogabhâshya 3588 1926 n/a
Vâcaspati on Yogabhâshya 3589 1923 n/a
Vâcaspati on Yogabhâshya 3590 1924 n/a
Yogabhâshya with Vâcaspati's commentary 3591 1930 n/a
Yogabhâshya 3595 1936 n/a
Nyâya Nañvâda 3840 2068 AD 1853
Vedânta Nyâyamakaranda 3895 936 AD 1607
Tantra, "Saiva, and Spanda Âkâ"sabhairavakalpa, "Sarabhe"svarasahasranâman from the Umâmahe"svarasa.mvâda 4410 1973 AD 1824
Treatise on the Sa.mhâramudrî Posture 4647 2854 n/a
Siddhe'svaratantra, Jânakîsahasranâmastotra 4656 2596 AD 1855
Jaina Amba.daparivrâjakakathana 5403 776 AD 1879
Mahipalacarita n/a n/a AD 1643
unidentified Bhagavatapurana + Valmiki Ramayana Tippana 7272 2779 n/a