Baudhaayaniiyasarvap.r.s.thoptor Yaamaprayoga

UP No. 1283
Poleman No. 238

Description from IASWR, Descriptive Catalog of the Indic Manuscripts of the University of Pennsylvania

Title Baudhaayaniiyasarvap.r.s.thoptor Yaamaprayoga, acccording to folio 6 verso, otherwise blank. °p.r.s.thaa°, according to colophon.
Manuscript Numbers Poleman Number: 238; UP Number: 1283
Author ---
Subject Matter Veda, Suutra
Script Devanaagarii
Manuscript date "Saka 1729 (1807 CE)
Number of folios 6ff.
Number of lines 11--14
Manuscript material Paper
Manuscript dimensions 25.7cm x 10.7cm
Manuscript condition Excellent
Name of scribe Sadaa"siva, son of Kaa"sinaatha
General comments Mistakes covered over with yellow. Orange powder rubbed in over benediction, colophon material, and some words.
Name of cataloger
Date cataloged 10/27/71

Description from Poleman

Baudhaayaniiyasarvap.r.s.thoptor yaamaprayoga, according to f.6 v. (otherwise blank). °p.r.s.thaa°, according to colophon. 6ff. 10.1 x 4.25. 12--14 lines. "Saka 1729. Copied by Sadaa"siva, son of Kaa"sinaatha. UP 1283.


folio 1 folio 2 folio 3 folio 4 folio 5
recto verso recto verso recto verso recto verso recto verso
folio 6
recto verso