Na~nvaada (Na~narthaviv.rti)

UP No. 2048
Poleman No. 3840

Description from IASWR, Descriptive Catalog of the Indic Manuscripts of the University of Pennsylvania

Title Na~nvaada (Na~arthaviv.rti)
Manuscript Numbers Poleman Number: 3840; UP Number: 2048
Author Raghunaatha ", attributed to
Subject Matter Philosophy, Nyaaya
Script Devanaagarii
Manuscript date Sa.mvat 1910 (1853 CE)
Number of folios 2ff.
Number of lines 17
Manuscript material Paper
Manuscript dimensions 18.5cm x 10.5cm
Manuscript condition Good
Name of scribe "Sa.mkara, son of Raamacandra
General comments Mistakes covered over with yellow.
Name of cataloger
Date cataloged 1/7/72

Description from Poleman

Na~nvaada. (Na~narthaviv.rti.) 2ff. 7.3 x 4.2. 17 lines. Sa.m. 1910. Copied by "Sa.mkara, son of Raamacandra. UP 2068.


folio 1 folio 2
recto verso recto verso